Dolphin's Nose, Coonoor

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Coordinates: 11°22′08″N 76°51′33″E / 11.369016°N 76.859241°E / 11.369016; 76.859241

View from the Dolphin's Nose in Coonoor,Tamil Nadu.
Catherine Falls view from Dolphin's Nose

Dolphin's Nose Viewpoint is a tourist spot in Coonoor, The Nilgiris District, Tamil Nadu. Dolphin's Nose is well over 1,550 Meter (5075 Feet) above sea level, 10 km from Coonoor and is a spectacular spot to visit.[1][2][3] The tip of the peak resembles a dolphin's nose, hence the name Dolphin's Nose. It is an enormous rock formation that is entirely unique. There are gigantic ravines found both to the left and right of Dolphin's Nose and there is a view of inspiring Catherine Falls with its continuing stream several thousand metres below which is located a relatively short distance away opposite of the Dolphin's Nose.[1][4][5] Best part of spot are the hairpin turns and tea plantations on the way[6][7]

Tourist spot[edit]

The following are the tourist spot located in Coonoor:


Falls view from the Dolphin Peak in Ooty,Tamil Nadu.

Dolphin's Nose is situated at 12 km away from Coonoor. If you start driving from Coonoor to Kotagiri you can see a road taking to your right with a board saying Dolphin's Nose 11 km.

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