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Dolphin Smalltalk
Developer(s) Object Arts
Stable release 6.02a / November 1, 2006
Operating system Windows
Type Programming language
License Royalty-free + Product key + License per seat

Dolphin Smalltalk, or "Dolphin" for short, is an implementation of the Smalltalk programming language by Object Arts, targeted at the Microsoft Windows platform.

The last major release was Dolphin Smalltalk X6, which comes in two versions:

  • Community Edition (free)
  • Professional edition (commercial) currently in version 6.02

Dolphin is notable for its integrated development environment. The toolset of this Smalltalk dialect include an integrated refactoring browser, a package browser and a WYSIWYG "view composer". Dolphin Smalltalk deviates from the convention of the Smalltalk MVC framework with a model-presenter-view framework.

The free community version may be one of the richest free programming environments for the Windows operating system because of the nature of the tutorials and sample applications and the rich class libraries. Other Smalltalk dialects for Windows include Smalltalk MT and the Smalltalk dialects from Cincom.

Code refactoring[edit]

Full integration of the Refactoring Browser tools from Refactory Inc.

System Browser[edit]

Provides a package-based browsing environment as an alternative to a conventional Smalltalk class hierarchy browser.


A "tabbed" container for managing Dolphin browsers and tools and associating them together with a particular idea or workflow. The idea is to save screen space and clutter and to help developers focus on their train of thought.

Source Tracking System[edit]

Source code management very similar to the ENVY source code manager that was available for some other commercial Smalltalk dialects.

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