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Dom or DOM may refer to:


Fictional characters[edit]


Science and technology[edit]

Other uses of "Dom"[edit]

  • Dom, a dominant person in a dominance and submission type relationship
  • Dóm, Old English word meaning "judgment", "law"; see Anglo-Saxon law
  • Dom (film), a 1958 Polish film
  • Dom (mountain), the third highest mountain in the Alps
  • Dom (title), a title of respect, derived from Latin Dominus
  • Dom Tower of Utrecht, a tower in Utrecht, the Netherlands
  • Dom, short for 'dominant' or top a label describing a partner taking the controlling role in a BDSM scene
  • Dominic, shortform of name
  • Dom, German-language version of the Italian Duomo for cathedrals or collegiate churches

Other uses[edit]