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The Dom Pedro V Theatre

The Dom Pedro V Theatre (Chinese: 伯多祿五世劇院; Portuguese: Teatro Dom Pedro V), is a historical theatre situated at Largo de Santo Agostinho in São Lourenço, Macau, China. It is one of the first western-style theatres in East Asia. The theater is an important landmark in the region and remains a venue for important public events and celebrations today. The Dom Pedro V Theatre was built in 1860 by local Portuguese to commemorate their reigning king, Peter V. The theater is neo-classical in design, incorporating a portico front on a rectilinear plan.[1]Its current façade was added in 1873. The building is 41.5 metres long and 22 metres wide. It used to be a regular meeting place for the Portuguese and Macanese people living in Macau.

  • Apart from being a theatre,it features a balllrom,a study room and a Billiard room.
  • Hosted the Italian opera Madama Butterfly's premiere in Asia.
  • Was used as a refugee shelter in the second world war.
  • Undergone various reconstructions throughout its history.It discontinued operating and was left unused for almost two decades due to structural corrosion by termites before reopened in 1993 after large scale renovations.
  • In 2005, the theater became one of the designated sites of the Historic Centre of Macau enlisted on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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