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Dom Salvador, born 1938 Salvador da Silva Filho, is a Brazilian jazz/MPB pianist most notable for his Rio 65 Trio that featured the Brazilian jazz drummer Edison Machado and bassist Sergio Barrozo. He also did tours of Europe with musicians like Sylvia Telles. Over his long career, he has performed with musicians like Rubens Bassini, Jorge Ben, Elza Soares and Elis Regina, to name a few. In later life he formed the a trio[1]

He currently holds residency in Brooklyn, New York, at the River Cafe, and has done so since 1977.


  • Salvador Trio (1965)
  • Rio 65 Trio (1965)
  • Dom Salvador (1969)
  • Som, sangue e raça (1971)
  • Dom Salvador Trio (1986)
  • Mancini também é samba (1966)
  • Tony Tornado (1971)
  • My Family (Minha Familia) (1976, Muse Records)
  • Rio Claro Suite (1984)
  • Transition (Lua Records, 1997)
  • "Puro Amor" (Salmarsi Records 2002)
  • Dom Salvador Trio (Bomba Records, 2007)
  • Romantic Interlude at The River Cafe (Salmarsi Records)
  • Romantic Interlude at The River Cafe, Volume 2 (Salmarsi Records)


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