Brandon Gray Internet Services

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Brandon Gray Internet Services
FoundedIncorporated 2004
FounderDarius Patel
Markham, Ontario
ServicesRegister internet domain names

Brandon Gray Internet Services, Inc., doing business as "," was an ICANN accredited domain name registry operator based in Markham, Ontario. The company is in the business of registering, renewing and transferring Internet domains and subdomains. The company and its re-sellers have become notorious for domain name scams.

The company was suspended by ICANN in July 2014, barred from registering names until Oct. 17, 2014. Using resellers, the company sent misleading materials that are "false or deceptive to Registered Name Holders,"[1] for more than a decade. It operates under multiple re-seller names, such as Domain Registry of America, Domain Registry of Australia, Domain Registry of Canada, Domain Registry of Europe, Domain Renewal Group, Internet Corporation Listing Service, Internet Registry of Canada, Liberty Names of America, Registration Services Inc., Yellow[2]


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