Domain of the Golden Dragon

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An example of the certificate that was given to a member of the US military in 1951.

The Domain of the Golden Dragon is an unofficial United States Navy award. It is given to crew members of ships which cross the International Date Line. You enter the dragon's empire when you cross the International Date Line by sailing west (say some), or sailing east (say others). With the extensive Navy operations in the Far East since (and before) World War II, this passage has become so common that few initiation ceremonies are actually held. But the certificate, decorated with Chinese-style dragon, is still given out.[1]

It is also awarded to dependents travelling together with their Military Sponsor.

This certificate was not only available to American sailors and other military branch members, it was also available to British Sailors when crossing the international date line. The British copies were printed by Gale & Polden Ltd. Portsmouth, England.


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