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2016 Dombay-Ulgen Mountain, Greater Caucasus, Abkhazia (7).jpg
Highest point
Elevation4,046 m (13,274 ft)
Coordinates43°14′40″N 41°43′34″E / 43.24444°N 41.72611°E / 43.24444; 41.72611Coordinates: 43°14′40″N 41°43′34″E / 43.24444°N 41.72611°E / 43.24444; 41.72611
English translationThe killed bison
Language of nameKarachay-Balkar
Dombai-Ulgen is located in Georgia
Location on a map of Georgia
LocationAbkhazia - Georgia - Russia
Country Abkhazia and  Russia
Parent rangeCaucasus

Dombai-Ulgen or Dombay-Ulgen (Georgian: დომბაი-ულგენი; Russian: Домбай-Ульген, Karachay-Balkar: Доммай ёлген) is a 4,046-metre-high (13,274 ft) mountain of the Greater Caucasus and the highest point of Abkhazia, a state with limited international recognition otherwise seen to be part of Georgia. It is located on the border with Karachay–Cherkessia, an autonomous republic of Russia. The mountain is composed of gneiss, crystalline schist, and granite. The top is covered by snow and glaciers at all times of the year.[1]

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