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Dombé is a town on the north bank of the Buzi River in Sussundenga District of Manica Province in central Mozambique dombe. During the Frelimo-Renamo struggle of the 70s to early 90s it was a strategic town where the FPLM maintained a heavy mechanized presence, since the Chimoio-Dombé-Espungabera road link which offered access to Zimbabwe, was repeatedly attacked and disrupted by insurgents.[1] In 2010 the Dombé-Espungabera road was being rehabilitated, which was expected to improve the area's economic and tourism potential.[2] The road is easier to travel during the dry months, from May to November, and then at about 50 km/h. Dombé has a fuel station but supplies can run out.[3]

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Coordinates: 19°58′30″S 33°23′46″E / 19.97500°S 33.39611°E / -19.97500; 33.39611 (Dumbé)