Dombivali Fast

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Dombivli Fast
Dombivli Fast.jpg
Directed by Nishikanth Kamath
Produced by Sameer Gaikwad
Written by Nishikanth Kamath (screenplay)
Sanjay Pawar (screenplay and dialogues)
Starring Sandeep Kulkarni
Shilpa Tulaskar
Sandesh Jadhav
Music by Sanjay Mourya
Alwyn Rego
Sameer Phatarpekar (background)
Cinematography Sanjay Jadhav
Edited by Amit Pawar
Release date
  • 2005 (2005)
Running time
112 minutes
Country India
Language Marathi

Dombivali Fast (Marathi: डोंबिवली फास्ट) is a critically acclaimed Marathi film directed by Nishikanth Kamat. It is the story of a middle class bank employee, Madhav Apte, an ordinary, law-abiding and honest citizen who faces constant frustration with the injustice and corruption that pervades in all walks of his life. The film portrays Apte's mental breakdown as he reaches his breaking point, and his rampage as a vigilante across Mumbai to set things right. The film stars Sandeep Kulkarni in the lead with Shilpa Tulaskar and Sandesh Jadhav.

The film bears resemblance to the 1993 Hollywood film Falling Down, starring Michael Douglas.

Kamat remade the film in Tamil as Evano Oruvan with R. Madhavan playing the lead.


Madhav Apte is a common man with strong principles. He has strong values and does not believe in bending any rules for anybody, even when the future of his children is involved. He fights with people around when he sees injustice and corruption, which include his colleagues, his boss, shop keepers, school principal and even his wife. His principles and his behavior is a cause of fights between his wife and him. She is tired of him only preaching of changing the world but not doing anything about it.

He is pushed to a corner by everybody who finds his path of righteousness too difficult to handle, and one day he snaps. He goes on a rampage trying to do right, everything that goes against his principles and then starts a mayhem on the streets of Mumbai, ultimately ending in a tragic climax.



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