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Domenico Antonio Vaccaro (June 3, 1678 – June 13, 1745) was an Italian painter, sculptor and architect, the son and pupil of Lorenzo Vaccaro. Lorenzo was in turn a pupil of Cosimo Fanzago and was part of a large family of artists including Andrea Vaccaro, a pupil of Girolamo Imparato. He was active in Naples, Italy in a late Baroque style.

Guardian Angel in San Paolo Maggiore
Allegory:Papacy of Clement XI vanquishes Heresy

Vaccaro was born in Naples and his body of work is all in or near that city. Works of interest include a statue of Moses in the church of San Ferdinando, interior work at the Chiesa di Santa Maria in Portico, and the statues of Penitence and Solitude on the premises of the monastery (now museum) of San Martino.

He also designed the Palazzo Tarsia and Palazzo Caravita at Portici, the church of San Giovanni at Capua, and her reconstructed the Cathedral of Bari.[1] He helped reconstruct the church of Santa Maria della Pace, damaged after an earthquake. He designed the Palace of the Immacolatella at the water's edge in central Naples. He designed the small church of Santa Maria della Concezione a Montecalvario, Naples.

Selected works[edit]




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