Domenico Rancadore

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Domenico Rancadore
Born 1949 (age 67–68)[1]
Nationality Italian
Other names Marc Skinner
Spouse(s) Anne Skinner[2]
Allegiance Cosa Nostra

Domenico Rancadore (aka Marc Skinner and "the teacher"[2]) is accused by the Italian government of being a past boss in the Sicilian Mafia also known as Cosa Nostra. Italian police listed him as one of Italy's "most wanted criminals".[3]


The BBC described him as "head of a crime family",[4] and the Italian press identified him as the one-time boss of the Mafia organisation in the town of Trabia, in the province of Palermo.[5][6] The Italian deputy prime minister, Angelino Alfano, said he is an "important mobster".[3] In 1993, after Rancadore was found not guilty of Mafia related crimes by Italian courts,[3] he moved to England.[3] But the Italian courts convicted Rancadore in 1999 in absentia of being part of a criminal organisation and was sentenced to seven years in jail.[3]


After he moved to England in 1993, Rancadore opened a travel agency with his wife.[1] While English authorities were aware that Rancadore was in London they were unable to arrest him because, unlike Italy, in England Mafia association is not a crime.[7] Italian authorities asked for his extradition to Italy in January 2012, which was denied by the British authorities.[5][6] According to Vittorio Teresi from the prosecution office in Palermo: "The crime of Mafia association is not recognised in the British legal system. The extradition request was not even considered."[6]


Rancadore was arrested on 7 August 2013 in Manor Waye, Uxbridge, London.[3] When he saw the police, he left his house via a back door in an attempt to escape[2] but was apprehended by a waiting policeman.[8] After he was captured, a new arrest warrant was made, as Rancadore's lawyers claimed that the previous warrant contained "significant deficiencies".[3] Rancadore was arrested following a European arrest warrant being issued.[9]


Rancadore was denied bail by a judge at Westminster Magistrates' Court and has an extradition hearing set for 25 November 2013.[3] Gaetano Lima, a past member of the mafia turned informer, described Rancadore as dangerous.[1] The representative for the defense questioned whether Rancadore was a leader in the Mafia.[10] On February 28th 2014 the extradition hearing was adjourned until Monday March 17th,[11] when it was determined at Westminster Magistrates' Court that Rancadore would not be extradited back to Italy. District judge Howard Riddle said a recent decision of the Administrative Court, which binds lower courts in England, led to his decision.[12]


Rancadore raised concerns that if he was extradited back to Italy, he would be killed by the Mafia.[9] Rancadore reportedly said that "I’m not going back, they’ll kill me".[9][13]


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