Dometius of Persia

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Saint Dometius the Persian
Menologion of Basil 031.jpg
Martyrdom of St. Dometius and his two disciples. From the Menologion of Basil II.
Nisibis, Mesopotamia
FeastAugust 7
Patronageinvoked against sciatica[1]

Saint Dometius (Domitius) the Persian (died 363) is venerated as a Christian martyr and saint. According to tradition, he was martyred by lapidation during the reign of Julian the Apostate with two companions.[2] He was killed at Nisibis in Mesopotamia.[2]

The name Domitius appears three times in the Roman Martyrology on different feast days (August 7, March 23, July 5); “it is uncertain that they were indeed the same person.”[2]

Dometius of Persia was depicted in an 8th-century fresco in the church of Santa Maria Antiqua, in Rome.[3] This may indicate that there were Greek-speaking monks at Santa Maria Antiqua,[3] as evidenced by these frescoes, which not only depicted Dometius but also Saints Barachisius, Euthymius, and Sabas of Palestine.[3]


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