Domhnall Clarach Ó Néill

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Domhnall Clarach Ó Néill (died 1509), sometimes Anglicised as Donnell O'Neill, was a member of the O'Neill Dynasty, the leading Gaelic family in Ireland of the time. He lived in the late Plantagenet and early Tudor era. He came from an area that later became County Tyrone.

He was the son of Con O'Neill, and a half-brother Henry Oge O'Neill. He succeeded Henry as chief of the O'Neills, and ruled from 1498-1509. He was in turn succeeded by a cousin Art O'Neill.[1]

As a sign of the growing influence of the English Crown in Gaelic society, Donnell's election as chief was dependent on the support of the Lord Deputy of Ireland Gerald FitzGerald, 8th Earl of Kildare.[2]


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