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Domination is a role-playing game published by StarChilde Publications in 1989.


Domination is a science fiction system set in a near-future in which the Earth has been conquered by the alien Kalotions.[1] The player characters are members of the human resistance.[1] Players select character classes (commando, intelligence agent, pilot, etc.) that determine which skills the character has.[1] The game briefly describes the Kalotions, their technology, and the alien subject races they employ in oppressing the Earthlings.[1] It also covers the major resistance groups, their key leaders, and common modern weapons.[1]

Publication history[edit]

Domination was designed by Blaine Pardoe, and published by StarChilde Publications in 1989 as a digest-sized 100-page book.[1]


Lawrence Schick notes that the "combat rules are simple", and comments that this game is "A brief set of rules by current standards, with the mere outline of a campaign setting."[1]


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