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Domingo Santos (born 1942) is the pseudonym of Spaniard science fiction author Pedro Domingo Mutiñó. He is among the best-known science fiction authors in Spain. Together with Sebastián Martínez and Luis Vigil he founded the Spanish science fiction magazine Nueva Dimensión. A science fiction prize, awarded annually at the national science fiction convention HispaCon, is named in his honor.

He has also used the pseudonyms Peter Danger and Peter Dean.

Works (incomplete)[edit]

  • Gabriel, historia de un robot (Novela, 1963)
  • Burbuja (Novela, 1965)
  • Meteoritos (short stories, 1965)
  • Futuro imperfecto (short stories, 1981)
  • No lejos de la Tierra (short stories, 1986)