Domingos Lam

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Domingos Lam
Chinese 林家駿
Coat of arms of Domingos Lam Ka Tseung.svg

Domingos Lam Ka Tseung (Chinese: 林家駿; 9 April 1928 – 27 July 2009) [1] was the first Chinese born bishop in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Macau.[2] On 26 May 1987 he was appointed Coadjutor Bishop of Macau and succeeded to Arquimínio Rodrigues da Costa, the last Portuguese bishop, on 6 October 1988. He resigned on 30 June 2003, and died aged 81.[3]


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Preceded by
Arquimínio Rodrigues da Costa (高秉常)
Roman Catholic Bishop of Macau
Succeeded by
José Lai 黎鴻昇