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Dominic Delaney is a former member of the House of Keys and the Legislative Council of the Isle of Man, where he sat as a member of the Alliance for Progressive Government.[1] He was once called "one of the Island's most outspoken politicians".[1]

Personal life[edit]

Delaney was born in Douglas in 1943[2] and attended St Mary's School. He is a retired member of the Parachute Regiment,[3] has been employed as a PR consultant and has been a company director. He married Julia in 1969 and they have two sons and two daughters; Julia was MHK for Douglas North from 1986-91.[2][4]


He became a member of the Douglas Town Council in 1972 and remained in that post until he stood for the Keys in 1976 in Douglas East. He remained a member of the Keys (MHK) until his elevation to the Legislative Council in 1995.[1] He raised concerns about immigration and the settlement of asylum seekers in the Isle of Man in 2002.[5]

In 2005 he sought re-election to the Council for a third term,[6] but after three rounds of unsuccessful voting[7] the House of Keys elevated Hon Alex Downie instead. Delaney then fought the ensuing by-election in Douglas West and became a MHK again. He became the Member for Social Security in August 2005.[8] He is also a former Minister in Sir Miles Walker's Council.

Delaney stood down from the House of Keys in October 2006 due to ill health.[9]

Governmental positions[edit]


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