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Dominic Glynn
Born (1960-09-27) September 27, 1960 (age 54)

Dominic Glynn (born September 27, 1960) is a British composer, known for his arrangement of the Doctor Who theme music which served as the series' theme for Season 23 of the programme. It was replaced by Keff McCulloch's arrangement the next season.

He also wrote the incidental music for the Doctor Who stories The Mysterious Planet, The Ultimate Foe, Dragonfire, The Happiness Patrol and Survival.

Big Finish Productions has used his arrangement of the theme on several audio plays featuring the Sixth Doctor, starting with Jubilee in 2003.

Glynn is also a prolific composer of production music for television and film. As a regular writer for Universal Music Publishing Group, his music has featured in episodes of The Simpsons, Red Dwarf and Eerie Indiana, and the feature films Holy Man and Kevin & Perry Go Large.

In 2005/2006 his composition "Dangerous Beauty" was used as the theme to the hit Dutch television thriller series Vuurzee. A number of his production music tracks have been aired on the famous Adult Swim TV channel "bumps".

Glynn has also been active in the alternative electronica field, running the left field record label No Bones Records and recording under the names Fluid and Cybajaz and with Justin Mackay as Syzygy. He also co-composed the score of the video games Forsaken (performing as The Swarm) and (partially) Re-Volt. In 2007 Glynn wrote and performed the score for the British crime thriller "Bad Day", starring Claire Goose and Donna Air.

In 2009/10 Glynn wrote soundtrack music for many of B7 Productions's audio plays based on the BBC TV series Blake's 7, which subsequently were aired on BBC7 (latterly renamed BBC Radio 4 Extra).

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