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Dominic Reyes is a professional sleight of hand magician from England. He is a publisher and producer of magic in the UK. He appeared in the 2007 film Magicians. His clients include Her Majesty The Queen, Sony, Volvo, BMW, British Board of Film Classification and the Royal Navy.

Reyes is a member of The Magic Circle, International Brotherhood of Magicians and The Associated Wizards of the South.

Since 1999 Reyes has published 10 books and videos teaching magicians under the title The Merchant of Magic. His works are published in the UK and US. He is noted for creating the routine 'Ninja Coins' where a Chinese style coin magically transforms into any coin that it touches.


  • The Ninja Coins Routine (2006)[1]
  • Politics and Coin Magic (1999)
  • The Coin Purse - Collective Essays on Advanced Coin Magic (1999)
  • The Classic Palm (2001)


  • Pressure (2006) Distributed by Murphys Magic Supplies [2]
  • Gallerian Bend DVD (2007) Distributed by Murphys Magic Supplies [3]
  • Labelled and Relabelled DVD (2008) - Effect by Ben Williams. Published by Dominic Reyes [4]
  • Gallerian Bend DVD (2007)- Effect by Erik Castle
  • Compression DVD (2007) - Effect by Daniel Lachman
  • One Card Link DVD (2008) - Effect by Ben Williams


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