Dominican Republic passport

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Not to be confused with Dominica passport.
Dominican Republic passport
Dominican Republic Passport.jpg
The front cover of a contemporary Dominican Republic passport.
Issued by  Dominican Republic
Type of document Passport
Purpose Identification
Eligibility requirements Dominican Republic citizenship
Expiration 6 or 10 years after acquisition

Dominican Republic passports are issued to citizens of the Dominican Republic to travel outside the country. Although biometric passports began to be issued in May 2004, the biometric details are not encoded on the passport and the passport does not include a smartcard. As a result, Dominican Republic biometric passports do not carry the "chip inside" symbol EPassport logo.svg.


In May 2001, Kim Jong-nam, the son of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il, was arrested at Narita International Airport, in Tokyo, Japan, travelling on a forged Dominican Republic passport. He was detained by immigration officials and later deported to the People's Republic of China. The incident caused Kim Jong-il to cancel a planned visit to China due to the embarrassment caused by the incident.[1]


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