Dominici (crater)

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Dominici sidebyside2.jpg
True-color and color-enhanced images of Dominici, the bright rayed crater inside Homer basin (marked with a white circle). Nearby Titian crater is marked with a white arrow.
Planet mercury
Coordinates 1°24′N 36°30′W / 1.4°N 36.5°W / 1.4; -36.5Coordinates: 1°24′N 36°30′W / 1.4°N 36.5°W / 1.4; -36.5
Diameter 20 km
Eponym Maria de Dominici

Dominici is a crater on Mercury. Dominici’s bright rays indicate that it is relatively young, and the young rays appear light blue in enhanced-color images. Dominici also has bright material on its floor and is surrounded by crater ejecta and material that appears orange in enhanced color. These color differences, as in nearby Titian crater, suggest that the impact crater excavated material from beneath Mercury’s surface that differs in composition from the surrounding surface. Dominici lies within a much larger impact structure, the Homer basin.[1]


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