Dominik Graf

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Dominik Graf
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Born (1952-09-06) 6 September 1952 (age 65)
Munich, Germany
Occupation Film director
Years active 1975-present

Dominik Graf (born 6 September 1952) is a German film director. He studied film direction at University of Television and Film Munich, from where he graduated in 1975.[1] After a few films in the tradition of the German 'Autorenfilm', he turned towards work in television, focussing primarily on the genres police drama, thriller and crime mystery. He is an active participant in public discourse about the values of genre film in Germany, through numerous articles, and interviews, some of which have been collected into a book.[2]

Graf continues to work in both television and cinema, and achieved international recognition in 2014 with his film, Die geliebten Schwestern, which was selected as the German entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 87th Academy Awards, but was not nominated.[3]

Selected filmography[edit]

As director

As actor



Further reading[edit]

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