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Dominika Dery (born March 7, 1975 in Černošice near Prague, Czechoslovakia), also known as Dominika Furmanová, is a Czech journalist and writer, having published works of poetry, drama, and a memoir. The Twelve Little Cakes (2004), which chronicles her life up until the mid-eighties, is her first book in English. According to this warm childhood memoir as a girl she wanted to become a ballerina due to her love for Swan Lake and the lovely prince that lived in her childhood dreams. From her house almost collapsing during a terrible storm to her sister Klara's promiscuous, rule-breaking ways, Dominika remained an innocent child who would bring out the light in people with her go-to attitude that everyone seemed to be attracted to.


  • Přebolení : první sbírka básní z období mezi lety 1991-1997, 1999
  • Český orloj, 2000
  • Křížová cesta, The Way of the Cross, 2001 (poetry in Czech and English)
  • The Twelve Little Cakes, 2004

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