Dominion (2018 film)

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Directed byChris Delforce
Produced byChris Delforce
StarringJoaquin Phoenix
Rooney Mara
Sadie Sink
Kat von D
Music byAsher Pope
Edited byChris Delforce
Aussie Farms
Release date
  • March 29, 2018 (2018-03-29) (Australia)
Running time
120 minutes

Dominion is a 2018 documentary sequel to Lucent (2014) by the same director. It expands from Lucent's focus on pig farming to an account of animals breeding to "question the morality and validity of human dominion over the animal kingdom."

The film draws heavily on footage from the animal rights online resource Aussie Farms Repository[1] and makes use of hidden cameras and aerial drones.

Dominion was announced in October 2015 with a Chuffed crowdfunding campaign which raised over $19,000.[2] In December 2015 the film received a grant from animal protection institute Voiceless.[3] An Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign raised over $63,000 by January 2018.[4]


The documentary was directed by Chris Delforce, and exposes the treatment of animals in animal agriculture. It is divided in segments covering key species: Pigs, Egg-Laying Hens, Broiler (Meat) Chickens, Turkeys, Cows, Sheep, Goats, Fish, Rabbits, Minks, Foxes, Dogs, Horses, Camels, Mice, Exotic Animals, Seals & Dolphins, and a Conclusion by the narrators.


One Year Anniversary Protests[edit]

On 8 April 2019, a series of protest actions were held across Australia to mark the one year anniversary of the film. Protests included the storming of abattoirs and the halting of traffic at Melbourne's busiest intersection during peak hour. Activists held signs promoting the website where Dominion can be watched for free. [5]

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