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Dominique Barthelemy (16 May 1921, Pallet—10 February 2002, Freiburg), was a French Dominican priest and biblical scholar.[1] He entered orders in 1940 and was ordained priest in 1947.[1]

Member of the French Biblical and Archaeological School of Jerusalem, he studied the Dead Sea Scrolls. In collaboration with Józef Milik, he published manuscript fragments found in Qumran Cave 1[2]

He then became Professor of Old Testament at the Theological Faculty and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Fribourg.[1] · [2] From 1953 he was interested in small fragments of the minor prophets, and published in 1963 Les Devanciers d'Aquila ("The Predecessors of Aquila"), in which he brings revolutionary assumptions about revisions and Greek translations of the Old Testament.[2] · [3] · .[4]

He is also known for his introductory book to reading the Bible, Dieu et son image ("God and his image").[1]


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