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Dominique Bourg
Nationality French and Swiss[1]
Occupation Researcher, professor
Title Professor
Children Three[1]
Awards Officer of the Legion of Honour
Officer of the National Order of Merit
Academic background
Alma mater Marc Bloch University
School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences
Thesis year 1981 and 1995
Academic work
Discipline Philosophy, environmental science, ecology
Institutions Paris Institute of Political Studies
University of Technology of Troyes
University of Lausanne (since 2006)
Main interests Sustainable development, degrowth, environmentalism

Dominique Bourg (born 11 August 1953) is a French philosopher. Since 2006, he is professor at the Faculty of Geosciences and Environment of the University of Lausanne (Switzerland).[2]

He has two doctorates and is a specialist of the environment, global changes and sustainable development.[3] He published many articles and books and participated in various committees related to the environment.[2]


Dominique Bourg co-directed La pensée écologique. Une anthologie (literally "Ecological Thinking: an Anthology") with Augustin Fragnière (2014)[4] and the Dictionnaire de la pensée écologique ("Dictionary of Ecological Thinking") with Alain Papaux (2015).[5][6] He analyses that, "Ecological thinking is characterised by a critique of modernity, a scepticism about the possibility of solving environmental problems through technology and a questioning of the separation between humans and nature".[6]

According to Dominique Bourg, the root of the problem (the deterioration of the environment) on a global scale is the flow of materials and energy (linked with consumerism).[1] He also thinks that, since twenty to thirty years, economic growth increased wealth concentration and economic inequality, accelerated the destruction of resources and of natural equilibriums without making people more happy or providing more jobs as it was promised.[1]


  • Prix du « Promeneur solitaire » in 2003.[7]
  • Officer of the National Order of Merit since 2004.[8]
  • Officer of the Legion of Honour since 2013 (Knight since 2001).[9][8]
  • « Prix du livre environnement » of the Veolia Foundation in 2015, for the Dictionnaire de la pensée écologique ("Dictionary of Ecological Thinking").


Dominique Bourg was part of the "Coppens commission" who prepared the French Charter for the Environment of 2004.

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