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Dominique Mainard is a French translator of English novels, short story writer and novelist. She was born in Paris, France in 1967 and grew up in the region of Lyon, and spent five years in the United States. She won the 2009 Prix des Libraires (Booksellers Prize) for her novel Pour vous (For You).[1] Mainard spent 2005 - 2006 as a resident of the Randell Cottage Writers' Trust in Wellington, New Zealand.[2] Her book Leur histoire was adapted for the 2005 film Les Mots bleus by director Alain Corneau with actors Sergi López and Sylvie Testud.[3]



English novels, including authors John Cheever and Janet Frame

Collections of short stories
  • Le Grenadier (1997), Gallimard
  • La Maison des fatigués Editions Joëlle Losfeld
  • Le Second Enfant. Prix Prométhée de la nouvelle (Prometheus Prize for Novels)[2]


  • Le Grand Fakir (2001), EditionsJoelle Losfeld
  • Leur histoire (2002), Joëlle Losfeld editions. Fnac Novel Prize and Alain-Fournier Prize.[2][4]
  • Le Ciel des chevaux (2004), Editions Joelle Losfeld
  • Je voudrais tant que tu te souviennes (2007), Joëlle Losfeld editions. France Culture Book Award - Télérama 2007. There is an Italian translation by Edizioni Saecula
  • Pour vous (2008), Joëlle Losfeld editions. Booksellers Award 2009.
  • La Vie en rose (2007), Éditions du Chemin de fer
  • Ma vie en 17 pieds (2008), L'École des loisirs


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