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Dominique Monféry is a French director, animator and storyboard artist.


He studied at the Gobelins School of the Image.[citation needed]


He started his career at Disney in 1990 with DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp, working as an animator and animation supervisor, until 2006 with The Fox and the Hound 2. He was an animator on the character Claude Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. He also worked as a supervisor animator on such films as Hercules (on the characters Titans and Cyclops), Tarzan (on the character Sabor, and The Emperor's New Groove. When he was hired by Roy E. Disney to direct the animated short film Destino, a long-time collaboration between the painter Salvador Dalí and Walt Disney, it was Monféry's first film as a Director.[1]

When the Disney feature animation in Paris closed, although he continued to work with Disney until 2006, Monféry co-created Welldone Films. His first feature film was the French-Canadian Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure in 2006. He then directed the French-Italian feature film Eleanor's Secret, which was shown at the Rome Film Festival. Both of these films were produced by Gaumont Animation, formerly known under the name of Alphanim.

Monféry is also an illustrator for graphic novels, his first work being Tin Lizze, edited and distributed by Swiss Editions Paquet (2015), on a story based on the first cars, the Ford Model T, Tin Lizzie.[2] The first part was released end of January 2015, and the second part was released early July 2015. The scenario is written by Thierry Chafouin, who was also working with Disney as a storyboard artist, and their long-time experience in animation is greatly appreciated since the layout of this historical graphic novel is very important for its concept.

Monféry also created the concept and animation of Au Fil de l' Eau (On Flying Water), an animated short musical film on the metaphor of life (little water drops) where the animation and music with sound effects are acting as a whole, music being a narration. The film already earned several distinctions throughout the year, some shared between Monféry and the producer and composer Julia Pajot, both for the concept and the original score. This film was released for a week in September 2015 in Los Angeles.[3][citation needed]

Originally working as a director on an animated film adaptation of Jack London's novel White Fang,[4] Monféry is working on the scenario.[5][citation needed]


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