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Domino Printing Sciences PLC
Industry Industrial Printers – coding, marking, serialisation, and traceability
Founded 1978
Founder Graeme Minto
Headquarters Cambridge, United Kingdom
Key people
Nigel Bond, Group MD
Rachel Hurst, Group Operations Director
Number of employees
Approx. 2,600 (2016)[1]

Domino Printing Sciences PLC is a British-based developer of commercial inkjet printing, thermal transfer printing, print and apply machines, digital printing presses and laser printing products.


The company was founded by Graeme Minto in 1978 to exploit continuous inkjet technology (CIJ).[2] By 1984 Domino had shipped its 1000th printer. It was first listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1985. In 1989 Domino moved to a new headquarters, located a few miles from Cambridge.[2] Then in 1994 it acquired Directed Energy, a small laser marking business based in California, United States.[2] In 2004 it acquired Wiedenbach, a supplier of ink jet printers, and Purex, a supplier of fume extractors for laser printers.[3] In 2005 it acquired Sator, a supplier of laser printers. In 2006 it acquired Enterprise Information Systems, an RFID specialist.[4] In March 2015 Japan's Brother Industries announced it planned to buy Domino Printing Sciences PLC for £1.03 billion in cash ($1.55 billion).[5] On 12 June 2015 Brother Industries announced it had formally completed the acquisition of Domino Printing Sciences plc.[6]

Products and technologies[edit]

Products produced by the company include Continuous Inkjet (Small Character) systems,[7] Digital Colour Label Presses,[8] Piezo Micro Drop on Demand (Piezo DOD) systems, Scribing Laser Coding and Marking systems,[9] High Speed Binary Inkjets, Valve Jet Drop on Demand (Large Character) systems, Print And Apply Label Applicator Systems (PALM),[10] Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) systems, Thermal Transfer - packaging printing systems[11] and Fume Extraction systems.[3]


Software products produced by the company include Inkjet and Production line Controllers[12] and Coding Automation software.[13]


The company has operations organised as follows:



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