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Domisphere is the name used by InfoSys Ltd to describe a series of software products.

Domisphere WCM[edit]

A Web Content Management tool developed on the Lotus Notes/Domino platform. Domisphere WCM is based on the "DOMIS" product, created by German company EDM. EDM was acquired by German company TeamWork AG. During an aggressive acquisition policy, Teamwork AG also acquired UK registered company "Verelogic Limited". Verelogic Limited took the "DOMIS" product and modified it for the UK market. It was significantly enhanced and later renamed "Domisphere". When Teamwork AG collapsed, InfoSys Limited was later purchased back during a management buy out. Rights to the Domisphere product were part of the deal. Continued development of the product took advantage of additional features provided by the underlying Lotus Notes and Lotus Dominio platform.

Domisphere IIC[edit]

Domisphere IIC is a software solution built on the Domisphere WCM product. It provides an out-of-the-box intranet/internet solution fully configured with workflow, authoring templates and presentation templates. Being built on the Domisphere WCM tool, it is targeted to the Lotus Domino platform

Domisphere Portal Manager (DPM)[edit]

Domisphere Portal Manager has been specifically designed for the IBM Portal/IBM WCM platform. It has been designed to fully leverage the features of the platform and provide such features as:

  • Super friendly URLs
  • Multi-variate support
  • Draft portal pages
  • Enhanced workflow