Domitius Domitianus

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Domitian (disambiguation)

Domitius Domitianus
Usurper of the Roman Empire
126 Domitius Domitianus 24,4 mm ext.jpg
Domitius Domitianus coin, struck in Alexandria, where Domitianus had the basis of his revolt and where his corrector Aurelius Achilleus kept resisting against Diocletian, even after the death of Domitianus.
Reign 297, against Diocletian
Successor Aurelius Achilleus
Full name
Lucius Domitius Domitianus
Died 297
Alexandria, Egypt

Lucius Domitius Domitianus was a Roman usurper against Diocletian, who seized power for a short time in Aegyptus.

Domitianus revolted against Diocletian in 297 AD, but died in December of the same year, when Diocletian went to Aegyptus to quell with the revolt. Numismatic and papyrological evidence support Domitianus' claim for the purple. It is possible that the rebellion was sparked by a new tax edict, but this uncertain.

It is possible that Domitianus' corrector, Aurelius Achilleus, who was responsible for the defence of Alexandria, succeeded Domitianus' claim for the purple; in fact, only in March 298 Diocletian re-conquered the city.


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