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De Dommelbaarzen (officially: Vughtse Zwem- en Polovereniging (VZ&PV) de Dommelbaarzen) is a Dutch swimmingclub from Vught, founded in 1969. The name "Dommelbaarzen" refers both to a district in Vught, called "De Baarzen", and a fish species (Bass) and to a Dutch river crossing Vught, called "Dommel". Also, the Carnival name of Vught is "Dommelboarzedurp".

The club distinguishes the following departments: primary swimming, recreational swimming, trimswimming[clarification needed], swimming on medical advice, swimming for people with a disability, masters swimming and competitive swimming.

Competitive Swimming[edit]

De Dommelbaarzen was at its height in the nineteen eighties with national top swimmers like Annemarie Verstappen, Arthur de Rouw, Fred Vollebergh, and, Edwin Vissers. Currently de Dommelbaarzen are swimming in the Dutch national C-league, finishing 6th in the 2009-2010 season.

National Swimming league
Year League Position
2001/2002 C-competition 23
2002/2003 C-competition 23
2003/2004 C-competition 10
2004/2005 C-competition 50
2005/2006 C-competition 59
2006/2007 District 5, dep. 1 7
2007/2008 District 5, dep. 1 6
2008/2009 District 5, dep. 1 2
2009/2010 C-competition 6
2010/2011 C-competition 15

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