Domnina of Anazarbus

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Saint Domnina of Anazarbus
Menologion of Basil 027.jpg
Died286 AD
Anazarbus, Asia Minor
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church; Eastern Orthodox Church
FeastOctober 12

Saint Domnina is venerated as a Christian martyr by the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches.[1] According to tradition, she was a native of Cilicia who was imprisoned at Anazarbus and repeatedly beaten on the order of the Roman prefect Lysias (or Licius).[1] She was then burned with fire.[1] She died in prison.[1]

According to one source, “The Roman Martyrologist must have used a corrupt manuscript in which Lycia was substituted for Lysias, as he places St. Domnina’s martyrdom in the Province of that name.”[2]


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