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Domo Records
DOMO MusicGroup.jpg
Founded1993 (1993)
FounderEiichi Naito
Distributor(s)MVD Entertainment Group
GenreNew-age, world, electronic, indie rock, J-pop
Country of originU.S.A.
LocationLos Angeles, California

Domo Records is an independent record label based in Los Angeles, California.

Domo Records was established in 1993 by Eiichi Naito, a record producer, recording engineer, and artist manager. Domo is an abbreviation and romanization of the Japanese expression dōmo arigatō (どうもありがとう), which means "thank you very much" in Japanese.

Domo Records first signee was Japanese composer Kitarō, who in 1994 won a Golden Globe for Best Original Score with his soundtrack to the Oliver Stone film Heaven & Earth and in 2001, won a Grammy Award for Best New Age Album for Thinking of You. Kitaro's albums with Domo Records have received sixteen Grammy Award nominations.[1]

The label has been distributed by Narada, Virgin/EMI Records, Fontana Distribution/Universal, Allegro Media Group, and Entertainment One Distribution. The record label's executive team currently includes Eiichi Naito and Dino Malito.[2]

Domo Records has continued to sign and develop other artists including the Yoshida Brothers, Dave Eggar, Seda Bağcan, Kuni Murai, Peas, Tao of Sound, Luna and The Viva Girls.[3]


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