Don't Fool Me

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Don't Fool Me
Laserdisc cover
MandarinZhōng Huán Yīng Xióng
CantoneseZung1 Waan4 Jing1 Hung4
Directed byHerman Yau
Produced byTaylor Wong
Written byRico Chung
Lam Chiu-wing
StarringAndy Lau
Tony Leung
Teresa Mo
Fennie Yuen
Music byShui Jing-mai
CinematographyPuccini Yu
Edited byMa Chung-yiu
Wing Fat Film Production
Distributed byD&B Films Distribution
Release date
  • 2 March 1991 (1991-03-02)
Running time
98 minutes
CountryHong Kong
Box officeHK$13,402,221

Don't Fool Me (Chinese: 中環英雄, lit. Hero of Central ) is a 1991 Hong Kong action comedy film directed by Herman Yau starring Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Teresa Mo and Fennie Yuen.


Hero Wah (Andy Lau) and Cheung Ho-kit (Tony Leung) star are two old friends who meet up in later life. Hero is a triad gang member and Kit is an insurance salesman, Hero is looking for a career change and Kit has become disillusioned with life after discovering he has a "bubble" in his brain that could burst at any time killing him. The two decide to switch lives for a bit with the Triad going respectable and the Insurance Salesman taking on the world of the Triads. As well as a new life, both of the two friends find new love.


  • Andy Lau as Hero Wah
  • Tony Leung Chiu-wai as Cheung Ho-kit
  • Teresa Mo as Miss Mui
  • Fennie Yuen as Fanny
  • Charine Chan as Margaret
  • Michael Chan as Fanny's father
  • Shing Fui-On as Mad Po
  • Tien Feng as Yip Chi-mei
  • Anthony Wong as Su, Turtle's Brother
  • Gabriel Wong as Turtle
  • Stuart Ong as Mister Yung
  • Yau Kin-kwok as Kung Fu bodyguard
  • Jeffrey Lam as Big Brother in bar
  • Chow Mei-yan as TV reporter
  • Sin Kwok-wah
  • Hoi Sang Lee as Big Mouth
  • Leung Sap-yat
  • Shui Jing-mai
  • Wong Chi-keung as Chiuchow boss
  • Au Siu-hei
  • Kam Yat-lung
  • Nip Pang-fung
  • Bruce Law as Brother Nut
  • James Ha as Mad Po's thug
  • Tsang Kan-wing as Senior police officer
  • Sham Chin-po as robber
  • Hau Woon-ling as Temple medium
  • Garry Chan as angry driver
  • Chan King as casino clerk
  • Anthony Cho as rascal
  • Steve Mak as rascal
  • Choi Kwok-keung as robber
  • Ho Wing-cheung as robber
  • Fung Man-kwong as robber

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Box office[edit]

This film grossed HK$13,402,221 at the Hong Kong box office during its theatrical run from 2 March to 22 March 1991 in Hong Kong.

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