Don't Get Screwed

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Don't Get Screwed
Starring Polly Parsons
Carole Machin
Spencer Brown
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 8
Running time 29 mins
Original channel BBC Three
Original release 26 October 2009 – 21 December 2009
Related shows The Real Hustle
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Don't Get Screwed is a BBC television series made by Objective Productions. It is a consumer show that goes to extreme lengths to make viewers aware of their rights so they can fight back and avoid being cheated.


Don't Get Screwed was first broadcast in October 2009 on BBC Three following the success of The Real Hustle, a show with a similar format. Much like The Real Hustle, the show's presenters put themselves in a position of authority, and manipulate the "victims" in a way that normally involves them losing money or been unfairly treated. Afterwards, another presenter explains what the consumers' rights are, and how to resolve the situation.

List of episodes[edit]

  • Episode 1: 26 October 2009. Featuring a client whose coat is set on fire by her hairdresser.
  • Episode 2: 2 November 2009. Featuring a hotel guest who, in spite of his innocence, is billed for watching porn.
  • Episode 3: 9 November 2009. Featuring a man whose jeans are stolen from a shop changing room.
  • Episode 4: 16 November 2009. Featuring a shopper who is disappointed by a free promotional gift.
  • Episode 5: 23 November 2009. Featuring a motorist whose car is towed away and two friends who receive the massage from hell.
  • Episode 6: 30 November 2009. Featuring a man whose car is repossessed and a couple whose car is vandalised.
  • Episode 7: 7 December 2009. Featuring a group of students who have a meal ruined by waiting staff and a motorist who has additional items added to a garage bill.
  • Episode 8: 21 December 2009. Featuring a couple who miss their flight because of an inept taxi driver, and a shopper refused a refund for a ruined T-shirt.


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