Don't Go Near the Park

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Don't Go Near the Park
Dont go near the park.jpg
Don't Go Near the Park US DVD cover
Directed by Lawrence D. Foldes
Produced by Lawrence D. Foldes
Written by Linwood Chase
Lawrence D. Foldes
Starring Aldo Ray
Meeno Peluce
Tamara Taylor
Robert Gribbin
Barbara Monker
Linnea Quigley
Chris Riley
Music by Chris Ledesma
Cinematography William DeDiego
Edited by Dan Perry
Distributed by Cardinal IV Film Distributors
Release date
  • 1981 (1981)
Running time
80 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Don't Go Near the Park (also known as Curse of the Living Dead, Nightstalker and Sanctuary for Evil) is a 1981 American horror film directed by Lawrence D. Foldes at the age of 19. The film gained notoriety when it was successfully prosecuted in the UK and placed on the video nasty list.


After being cursed by their mother, a caveman brother and sister are forced to live their lives by preying on young people in a park and devouring their entrails in order to stay young. After 12,000 years of killing they attempt to lift the curse and become immortal by finding a virgin's soul they can sacrifice, with the brother fathering a daughter for that purpose.



Don't Go Near the Park received mostly negative reviews upon its release.

Allmovie wrote, "There are movies that are bad and then there are movies so bad they are mindblowing. Don't Go Near the Park is a perfect fit in the latter category."[1] Todd Martin from panned the film, calling it "a goofy, boring, ridiculous mess of a film that is just pretty much pointless in every possible way."[2] Ian Jane from DVD Talk called it "truly terrible and almost unwatchable", criticizing the film's acting, plot, lack of sense, and poorly executed gore scenes.[3] The Terror Trap awarded the film half a star out of four, calling it "terrible", and panned the acting, clumsy pacing, and disjointed plot.[4]

The film wasn't without its supporters. Dan Budnik from Bleeding Skull! liked the film, calling it "Strange and compelling and occasionally incredibly stupid".[5]


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