Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro

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Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro
Please don't bully me, Nagatoro Volume 1.jpg
Cover of the first tankōbon volume, featuring Hayase Nagatoro
(Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san)
GenreRomantic comedy[1]
Written byNanashi
Published byKodansha
English publisher
ImprintShōnen Magazine Comics
MagazineMagazine Pocket
Original runNovember 1, 2017 – present
Volumes15 (List of volumes)
Anime television series
Directed by
  • Hirokazu Hanai (season 1)
  • Shinji Ushiro (season 2)
Produced by
  • Hiroshi Kamei
  • Yutaka Suwa
  • Takuma Kishida
  • Daichi Sasa (season 1)
  • Takahio Kouda (season 2)
  • Miho Matori (season 2)
  • Akira Nagai (season 2)
Written byTaku Kishimoto
Music byGin (Busted Rose)
Licensed byCrunchyroll
Original networkTokyo MX, BS11, MBS, AT-X
Original run April 11, 2021 – present
Episodes16 (List of episodes)

Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro (Japanese: イジらないで、長瀞さん, Hepburn: Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san) is a Japanese web manga series written and illustrated by Nanashi,[2] also known as 774.[3] The web manga began running in Magazine Pocket, an online and app based web manga magazine published by Kodansha,[4][5] in November 2017.[2] An anime television series adaptation by Telecom Animation Film aired from April to June 2021. A second season by OLM premiered in January 2023.


Naoto Hachioji, an introverted second-year student at Kazehaya High School, prefers to avoid social interactions and draw manga in his spare time. However, first-year girl Hayase Nagatoro, inadvertently discovers the manga, calls him "Senpai", and teases him to the point of crying. She frequents the Art Club room where he hangs out, and continues to bully him for his timid personality and otaku interests, sometimes in a sexually suggestive fashion, calling him lewd. As she continues to push him to become more assertive, Senpai develops a crush on Nagatoro in return, and gradually comes out of his shell and involves himself in her life.

Senpai meets Nagatoro's friends, Gamo, Yosshii and Sakura, who at first appear to be cruel and shallow high school girls who only seek to torment Senpai, but they catch on to Senpai and Nagatoro's oblivious mutual crush and they become supportive friends who scheme to bring the two closer together. The Art Club's semi-retired president appears and tries to shut down the club, but after a contest challenge during the culture festival, allows it to continue. The next school year, the president's younger cousin enrolls in the high school and joins the Art Club.


Hayase Nagatoro (長瀞 早瀬, Nagatoro Hayase) / Miss Nagatoro (長瀞さん, Nagatoro-san)
Voiced by: Sumire Uesaka[1] (Japanese); Kimberley Anne Campbell[6] (English)
A first-year high school girl who enjoys teasing Senpai. Although it appears that she just wants to torture him, she secretly has a crush on him, and becomes very hostile toward anyone else who tries to bully Senpai.Ch. 11 Her friends call her Hayacchi (ハヤっち),Ch. 11 and her given name is not revealed until chapter 62. She is a supporting member of the swimming club,Ch. 23 and supports other school sports clubs on request. She enjoys performing mixed martial arts moves, and joins the judo club in her second year.Ch. 82
Naoto Hachiouji (八王子 直人, Hachiōji Naoto) / Senpai (センパイ)
Voiced by: Daiki Yamashita[7] (Japanese); Erik Scott Kimerer[8] (English)
A timid introvert who tries to avoid social interaction and likes to draw. After meeting Nagatoro and starting to hang out with her and her friends, he progressively gains self-confidence. His first name was revealed in Side Story 5,Vol. 5 although a few of his male friends call him Nao-kun (直くん),Ch. 74-76 and his last name "Hachiouji" (八王子, Hachiōji) was not revealed until the next school year when Sunomiya joins the Art Club.Ch. 83 Despite this, Nagatoro calls Naoto "Senpai".
Gamo (ガモちゃん, Gamo-chan)
Voiced by: Mikako Komatsu[7] (Japanese); Brittany Cox[9] (English)
One of Nagatoro's friends. She has orange hair in the anime series. She is the most mature among her peers and, despite her tough appearance, often acts as a big sister toward them. She likes to call Senpai "Paisen" (パイセン) but when she teases him, Nagatoro gets jealous and tells her to stop.Ch.16, 19 Her family runs a mixed martial arts gym.Ch. 76-77 The Volume 10 extra shows a fighting game profile with her English name as Maki Gamou.Vol. 10
Yosshii (ヨッシー, Yosshī)
Voiced by: Aina Suzuki[7] (Japanese); Lily Ki[10] (English)
One of Nagatoro's friends with the light hair styled in twin tails and an ahoge (hair that sticks up). She typically follows Gamo around and goes along with whatever schemes she has in mind. She is described as "a bit of an airhead".Vol. 5 profiles Much of her speech is repeating what Gamo said.
Sakura ()
Voiced by: Shiori Izawa[7] (Japanese); Kimberly Woods[11] (English)
One of Nagatoro's friends with tan skin and short blonde hair, showing up briefly at the start of the series, and is more active in chapter 27. Her personality on the surface is sweet and quite relaxed, but she enjoys sowing jealousy in groups of boys to compete for her attention, often speaking about stringing along several guys at once for amusement.Ch. 32[12]
Sana Sunomiya (須ノ宮 さな, Sunomiya Sana) / Club President (部長, Buchō)
Voiced by: Nana Mizuki[13] (Japanese); Justine Lee[14] (English)
A third-year student who heads the Art Club. She has long hair that frames her face with crimson eyes, and a busty chest. She has a stern and serious personality, but also has no inhibitions with exposing her body for the sake of her art, which has won prizes.Ch. 37-40 She also bears a resemblance to a female character in one of Senpai's manga. She dislikes that the club has become a hangout for Nagatoro and her friends, and threatens to shut it down with a challenge at the school festival. However, when her painting is disqualified, she concedes the challenge, withdraws her request, and dresses up as a bunny girl as a punishment by Nagatoro's friends. She later supports Senpai to get along with Nagatoro. A running gag in later chapters is that she often shows up at random locations naked or going commando. She is accepted to the Tokyo University of the Arts.Ch. 76 Her given name is not mentioned until chapter 84 when her younger cousin calls her Sana-nēsan (さな姉さん),Ch. 84, 88 and her surname is confirmed to be Sunomiya in Chapter 118.Ch. 118
Misaki Nagatoro (長瀞 岬, Nagatoro Misaki)
Voiced by: Yoshino Nanjō[15]
Affectionately referred to as "Big Sis-toro" (姉瀞, Ane Toro), she is Nagatoro's older sister and a university student who greatly cares for and loves to spoil her little sister, but also likes to tease her, and often embarrasses her. She was shown to be a sort of role model and confidant to Nagatoro.Ch. 59-60 Her given name is not mentioned until chapter 118 where she meets Nagatoro and her friends at a judo training camp.Ch. 118
Orihara (折原)
Voiced by: Kaori Maeda[15]
An Olympic-level judoka who competes at school with Nagatoro and Senpai's friends. When the two were children, she and Nagatoro practiced judo with each other, with Nagatoro's natural ability lets her win every single time, but as Orihara put in constant hard work and became much stronger over time, Nagatoro began losing her passion, ultimately quitting after being overwhelmed by her in a match.Ch. 79 She seemed unaware of the strained relationship with Nagatoro, treating her in a friendly and enthusiastic way, and since Nagatoro resumed judo practice, has been friendly and supported/ teased her about her relationship with Senpai, along with Gamo.Ch. 84
Hana Sunomiya (須ノ宮 ハナ, Sunomiya Hana)
Voiced by: Sayumi Suzushiro[15]
A first-year who joins the art club at the beginning of the new term. She is the younger cousin of the Club President and was previously in the same art club as Senpai in middle school.Ch. 83 She supports Senpai's relationship with Nagatoro, although Nagatoro is suspicious of her and worries Senpai will become interested in Sunomiya.Ch. 84 Her given name is not mentioned until volume 11, where it is dropped in an extra sketch between chapters,Vol. 11 and is mentioned in the proper story in chapter 88.Ch. 88



Nanashi first started posting early prototypes of what would become Don't Toy with Me Nagatoro on Pixiv between August 2011 and December 2015, there are five total issues during this period.[16]


Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro has been serialized through Magazine Pocket, published by Kodansha, since November 1, 2017.[2] The first volume of the manga was released as a print version through Kodansha's Shonen Magazine Comics imprint and as a digital version on March 9, 2018.[2] The second volume was released on June 8, 2018.[17] Fifteen volumes have been released as of January 2023.[18] In addition to the standard edition, there is also a special edition containing works by several other artists.[19] A comic anthology featuring special chapters by various artists was released on April 24, 2021.[20]

The manga has been licensed by Vertical in North America and the first volume was released in November 2019.[21]

Volume list[edit]

No. Original release date Original ISBN English release date English ISBN
1 March 9, 2018[2]978-4-06-511196-3November 19, 2019[22]978-1-94-719486-1

This volume covers chapters published in Magazine Pocket from the 2017-11-01 issue to the 2018-01-24 issue

  1. "Senpai, you're kinda..." (センパイって,ちょっと…)
  2. "Observing Senpai is fun... ♪" (センパイ観察するの楽しーし)
  3. "Senpai, don't you get angry?" (センパイって怒らないんですか?)
  4. "Senpai's wish just came true!!" (センパイの願望が叶いましたね!!)
  5. "Senpai, please brush your teeth" (センパイ,歯,磨いてきて下さい)
  6. "'Sup, Senpai!" (ちっす,センパイっ!)
  7. "Senpai, you're still soapy..." (センパイ,泡,残ってますよー)
  8. "Senpai needs a little more..." (センパイは,もうちょっと…)
  • Bonus 1: "Did someone give Senpai chocolate...?" (センパイにチョコをあげる人が…?)
  • Bonus 2: "I'm being defiled by Senpai~♥" (センパイに汚されちゃう~)
Senpai is trying to find a spot at the library to draw his manga, but his drawings spill on the floor next to a group of girls who proceed to look at the pages and laugh. All the girls leave except for Miss Nagatoro, who continues to make fun of his not living up to his self-inserted hero, causing Senpai to cry. Nagatoro interrupts Senpai's drawing session and has him try to draw her instead. She pretends to ask him out on a date and learns of Senpai's past of being bullied. She makes him of Senpai's recently bought manga which has fanservice. After having seen a vampire movie, Nagatoro wants to bite Senpai's neck. Senpai watches Nagatoro interact with some boys, hoping they would experience being bullied, but she shows no interest in them. Nagatoro finds Senpai at the hand washing station and offers to lather his hands. Nagatoro offers to model herself sitting and lying on a couch.
Bonus manga shorts have her making fun of Senpai's buying his own chocolate for Valentine's Day and calling him while taking a bath.
2 June 8, 2018[17][23]978-4-06-511675-3
978-4-06-511990-7 (SE)
February 18, 2020[24]978-1-94-998009-7

This volume covers chapters published in Magazine Pocket from the 2018-02-07 issue to the 2018-05-02 issue. Chapters were published in Weekly Shonen Magazine from the 2017 issue 49, 2018 issue 2/3, and 2018 issue 14. A special edition was released in paperback with an included full-color booklet. The booklet included illustrations done by 12 guest artists.

  1. "You're too guillble, Senpai~♥" (センパイ、ちょろ過ぎる~)
  2. "Come on, Senpai! Fight back!" (ほらセンパイ!ツッコミツッコミ!)
  3. "Senpai! Come here!~" (センパーイ、こっちこっち?)
  4. "Senpai, let's play a game!" (センパーイ、ゲームしましょう!)
  • Side story: "Practice makes perfect, Senpai!" (何事も実践からですよ、センパイ)
  1. "Senpai's afraid!" (センパイびびってるぅー)
  2. "No, you drew this, Senpai!" (いや、これセンパイの絵でしょ)
  • Side story 2: "Senpai, I'm ready now!" (センパイ、準備出来ましたよ)
  • Side story 3: "See ya, Sen-pai ♥" (じゃーねー、セ・ン・パ・イ?)
  • Bonus 1: "Senpai, move your hand a bit lower" (センパイ、手、もうちょっと下げてー)
  • Bonus 2: "I bet you're sensitive, Senpai~♥" (センパイって敏感そ??)
Senpai has a fantasy dream where he is fighting monsters alongside Nagatoro in a cheerleader catgirl outfit; when they get to the demon's castle, he discovers that the demon king is none other than Nagatoro. Nagatoro tells Senpai to respond to her jabs like a tsukkomi comedy character. He meets Nagatoro's friends (Gamo and Yosshii) who think he is Nagatoro's boyfriend. Nagatoro challenges Senpai to a nipple poking game. Senpai imagines Nagatoro in her cat costume and draws her arching her back in a defensive posture to her friends. Nagatoro wants to pierce Senpai's ears.
Side and bonus stories include: Nagatoro tells Senpai he needs to compliment people if he wants to be complimented himself. Nagatoro interrupts Senpai's drawing session by offering to pose in her swimsuit. Nagatoro snatches Senpai's phone and dares him to reach into her skirt pocket to get it. Nagatoro gets candy from Senpai for White Day and tries to interpret Senpai's romantic intentions. Nagatoro tries to tickle Senpai.
3 October 9, 2018[25][26]978-4-06-512176-4
978-4-06-513635-5 (SE)
August 18, 2020[27]978-1-94-998010-3

This volume covers chapters in Magazine Pocket from the 2018-05-16 issue to the 2018-09-19 issue. Volume 3 was released in paperback and eBook by Shonen Magazine Comics with a total of 163 pages, 9 chapters and 2 bonus chapters. A special edition was released in paperback with an included full-color booklet which put Senpai and Nagatoro in erotic situations. The booklet included illustrations done by 10 guest artists.

  1. "Senpai, Your Arms Are So Skinny!!" (センパイ,腕ほっそ!!)
  2. "If We Buzz That Fluff, Senpai" (センパイのもこもこ)
  3. "Say, Senpai" (ねぇ,センパイ)
  4. "Let's Do It Again Sometime, Senpai" (またやりましょうね,センパイっ)
  5. "Senpai, You Creeep! ♥" (センパイ,キモ~)
  6. "Thanks, Senpai..." (あざっす,センパイ…)
  7. "Thanks for the Treat, Senpai!!" (センパイ,ゴチっス!!)
  8. "Senpai! Let's Go to the Beach!!" (センパイ!海,行きましょー!!)
  9. "I'll Rub It in for You, Senpai ♥" (塗ってあげますよ センパイ)
  • Bonus 1: "What Do Ya Think, Senpai?! Check These Hip Moves!!" (どっスかセンパイ!!この腰使い!!)
  • Bonus 2: "I'll Boost Your Spirits, Senpai ♥" (センパイのやる気を…応援しちゃいますよ)
Nagatoro makes fun of Senpai's skinny arms and has him do push-ups while she sits on his back. Nagatoro offers to give Senpai a haircut, but when she leaves temporarily to find a comb, Gamo and Yosshii arrive and try to use her hair clippers on him. While waiting at a gazebo for the rain to settle, Nagatoro teases that Senpai has perverted intentions of looking at her in soaked clothes. She invites him over to her house to dry off and play video games. Gamo and Yosshii visit the Art Club room and dare "Paisen" to touch Gamo's boob. Nagatoro and Senpai wait in line for shaved ice. Nagatoro and Senpai exchange Line IDs and calls him lewd for thinking about an indirect kiss from drinking from his water bottle. Senpai goes to the beach with Nagatoro, Gamo, and Yosshii. When Nagatoro offers to put suntan lotion on him, the other girls want to join in the fun.
The bonus manga include Nagatoro playing with a hula hoop and Nagatoro dressed as a cheerleader to try to inspire Senpai to draw.
4 February 8, 2019[28]978-4-06-514440-4November 3, 2020[29]978-1-94-998048-6

This volume covers chapters published in Magazine Pocket from the 2018-10-17 issue to the 2019-02-09 issue, and the Weekly Shonen Magazine 2019 issue 2/3

  1. "Senpai, Why Don't We Go to the Festival?" (センパイ,お祭り行きませんか?)
  2. "Senpai, Please Don't Drag Me Down" (センパイ,足引っ張らないで下さいよー)
  3. "This Is Like a Date, Isn't It, Senpai? ♥" (デートみたいっすね,センパイ)
  • Bonus 1: "That's Right, Huh, Senpai" (そっスね,センパイ)
  1. "Let's Leave, Senpai" (帰りましょう,センパイ)
  2. "Stay Still, Paisen!" (パイセンじっとしてろよ!)
  3. "Let's Do Rock-Paper-Scissors, Senpai!!" (じゃんけんしましょう,センパイ!!)
  4. "I Saw You, Senpai..." (見てましたよ,センパイ…)
  • Bonus 2: "Senpai, Your Body Seems So Stiff" (センパイって体,硬そーですよねぇ)
  • Extra: "Senpai, You're a Real Creep ♥" (センパイ,マジキモ~)
  • Side story 1: "Senpai, Stand Up!! 1" (センパイスタンダップ!! 1)
  • Side story 2: "Senpai, Stand Up!! 2" (センパイスタンダップ!! 2)
After assuming Nagatoro would call him to invite him to a summer festival, Senpai decides to go by himself but is captured by Gamo and Yosshii there. Nagatoro, who was finishing swim practice, rushes over and challenges her friends on some booth games to "win" him back. Senpai takes Nagatoro alone to a spot to watch the fireworks. Senpai sees Nagatoro, Gamo, Yosshii, and a fourth girl Sakura chatting with some guys but notices Nagatoro isn't really interested in hanging out with the guys, so he walks up and tells Nagatoro to come home. The girls try to remove a splinter from Senpai's finger, but Nagatoro is suspicious it might mean something more. Nagatoro and Senpai play rock paper scissors over carrying their schoolbags. Nagatoro sees Senpai is really slow at distance running, so she teases him in an extra practice session.
In the bonus and side stories: Nagatoro and Senpai talk about having Nagatoro wear a yukata next time. Nagatoro and Senpai try out different stretching exercises. Nagatoro calls Senpai gross as usual until her friends arrive and say he isn't and pull him away. Nagatoro tries to get Senpai to practice sparring with her. Her friends want to spar too.
5 June 7, 2019[30][31]978-4-06-515305-5
978-4-06-516748-9 (SE)
January 19, 2021[32]978-1-94-998085-1

This volume covers chapters in Magazine Pocket from the 2019-02-06 issue to the 2019-05-29 issue, and Weekly Shonen Magazine 2019 issue 18. The special edition of this volume was released with a 36-page comic anthology drawn by 11 guest artists.

  1. "You Have No Sense of Adventure, Senpai" (冒険心ってものがセンパイに足りないとこなんですよ)
  2. "Senpai's a Closet Perv!!" (センパイはムッツリだし!!)
  3. "Senpai, What's in Your Bento Lunch?" (センパイ,弁当なんですか?)
  4. "As If a Creep Like Senpai Could Go on a Proper Date!!" (キモキモセンパイがまともにデート出来るわけ無いっしょ!!)
  • Side story: It May Be More Fun Than You'd Expect, Ex-Senpai ♡" (意外と楽しいかもしれないっスね,元センパイ)
  1. "We'd End Up Becoming Your Senpais, Right, Paisen?" (うちらがパイセンのセンパイになるって事だよなぁ?)
  2. "Senpai, You Made Me Do This..." (センパイがさせたんだろ…)
  3. "Senpai, You're Staring Off into Space" (センパイが遠い目してる)
  4. "Let's Go for It, Senpai!!" (やってやりますよ,センパイ!!)
  • Bonus: "Senpai, You've Gone Beet Red" (センパイ,顔真っ赤っスよ~?)
When Nagatoro tells Senpai he needs to be more adventurous like trying a different flavored drink; Senpai gets the bottles mixed up. Nagatoro and friends suspect Senpai is hiding an erotic book in the Art Club room. After Nagatoro and friends make fun of Senpai's bento lunch, Senpai brings a better one the next day that really impresses the girls. In order to shake off a stalker, Sakura has Senpai go on a pretend date with her, but Nagatoro follows along and interrupts it before it even gets started. Nagatoro helps Senpai study for midterms by suggesting he would repeat a grade and be in the same class as her and the girls. Nagatoro's friends make fun of the possibility that Senpai could be held back two years in a row and they would be his senpais. Nagatoro wants Senpai to draw her but Senpai says she has to dress up in that cat costume first, so the next week, she does. The girls talk about the upcoming school culture festival until the Art Club President arrives. Seeing that the club has turned into a hangout spot, she threatens to disband it, until Nagatoro defends Senpai. They agree to a challenge where Senpai and Club President will have separate festival exhibits, and whoever garners more popular votes wins.
In the bonus story, Nagatoro stuffs Senpai's anpan buns in her shirt and dares Senpai to try to pick which one of her breasts has it.
6 November 8, 2019[33][34]978-4-06-517518-7
978-4-06-517519-4 (SE)
March 30, 2021[35]978-1-94-998098-1

This volume covers chapters published in Magazine Pocket from the 2019-06-12 issue to the 2019-09-18 issue. Volume 6 was released in paperback and eBook by Shonen Magazine Comics with a total of 176 pages, 8 chapters and 2 bonus chapters. The special edition of this volume was released with an original art calendar for 2020.

  1. "Whadda You Think of It, Senpai?" (センパイはどう思ってんスか?)
  2. "Come On! Just Admit You Want It, Senpai! ♡" (素直じゃないんだからー、センパイはー)
  3. "A-Are You All Right, Senpai?" (だっ大丈夫っすスか センパイー)
  4. "Senpai, You're Being Naïve About This Contest" (センパイは勝負を甘く見てますね)
  5. "Senpai, You Can Put Up a Good Fight!!" (センパイはいい勝負出来ますよ!!)
  6. "Toro-Cat Needs to Do Better Than That" (トロキャットなめてんじゃねぇ)
  7. "Has Spring Finally Come for Senpai, The Unpopular Lone Louse?!" (非モテはぐフナセンパイにもついに春が到来っスかー!?)
  8. "She Said Something About Love, Didn't She, Senpai?" (愛とか言われちゃってますよぉセンパーイ?)
  • Bonus 1: "Senpai! ♡ Whadda You Think About This Pose?" (セーンパイ こーんなポーズとかどっスかー?)
  • Bonus 2: "Are You Okay, Senpai?!" (おまけ2 大丈夫っスか、センパイ!!)
The girls try to strategize how to beat Club President in the art contest when Senpai brings out Club President's previous drawing. When Nagatoro and friends bring out some costume suggestions, Senpai refuses to have Nagatoro model, which upsets Nagatoro. When she sees Senpai with Club President, the latter of whom is draped in only a towel, she runs off. Club President tells Senpai to chase her down. Senpai finds Nagatoro and asks her to be his model. After Senpai makes several drawings, Nagatoro and the girls go off to scout Club President's drawing but Nagatoro is stunned, and the girls drag her away. Club President tells Senpai not to listen in on the girls' schemes. The day of the festival, Nagatoro shows up in her cat costume along with some cat mascots to do a bullying dance and to promote Senpai's art. She even acts cold to her fans. When Senpai starts to gain some popularity with some random girls, Nagatoro gets a little jealous pulls him aside to roam the festival with him. Meanwhile, the Club President, whose nude drawing had garnered lots of votes but is confiscated by the student council, concedes the challenge, allowing the Art Club to stay. She comments that Senpai's drawings have improved because she can see the love in the pictures.
In the bonus manga: Nagatoro tries out different poses. Club President poses in a swimsuit for Senpai which gets Nagatoro to challenge her.
7 March 9, 2020[36][37]978-4-06-518517-9
978-4-06-518787-6 (SE)
May 11, 2021[38]978-1-64729010-8

This volume covers chapters published in Magazine Pocket from the 2019-10-16 issue to the 2020-01-15 issue

  1. "Since We're Good Pals 'n' All, Senpai" (センパイと私の仲なんスからー)
  2. "You're the Star of the Show, Senpai" (センパイが主役っス)
  3. "Senpai, Are You Asking Me Out?!" (センパイのお誘いっスか!?)
  4. "Please Take Me by the Hand and Teach Me, Senpai ♡" (手取り足取り教えて下さいね センパイ)
  5. "What Do You Want with My Senpai...?" (ウチのセンパイに何か…?)
  6. "That's What We Get from Imagining Your Future Realistically, Senpai!" (センパイの将来をリアルに予想した結果っスよ?)
  7. "Senpai, Please Get Them on Me Quickly! ♡" (センパイっ早くはかせて下さいよー)
  • Bonus: "We'll Have a Sketch Competition, Senpai" (スケッチ勝負っスよ センパイ)
Nagatoro gives Senpai a lesson on how to approach someone from behind. The girls invite Senpai to a sushi dinner party. Club President gives Senpai tickets to the zoo to ask Nagatoro out, but they have to do drawings there. During the date, Senpai tries to teach Nagatoro to draw, and while Nagatoro takes a bathroom break, some classmates drop by and make fun of Senpai's teaching. Nagatoro steps in and persuades them to think they are good drawings. Nagatoro and Senpai imagine themselves as adults drinking in a bar. Nagatoro has Senpai put her stockings on her legs.
In the bonus manga, Senpai and Nagatoro are sketching in the mountains when they encounter Club President naked in the woods.
8 July 9, 2020[39][40]978-4-06-520103-9
978-4-06-520104-6 (SE)
September 21, 2021[41]978-1-64729050-4

This volume covers chapters published in Magazine Pocket from the 2020-02-12 issue to the 2020-06-03 issue

  1. "So You Read Girls' Manga, Huh, Senpai?" (センパイ、少女マンガなんて読むんスね)
  2. "Well, Then Maybe I'll Just Have...a Lick of Yours, Senpai ♡" (じゃあセンパイの…舐めちゃおっかな)
  3. "Senpai? What's Wrong...?" (センパイ? どーしたんスか…?)
  4. "Well Said! Especially for You, Paisen!!" (言うじゃねーか パイセンの割によー!!)
  5. "Senpai...Did You...Overhear Us Just Then...?" (センパイ…さっきの…聞いてました…?)
  6. "Come on in, Senpai-kun! ♡" (上がってってくれたまえよ センパイ君)
  7. "Senpai, Umm...Thanks...For Paying Me a Visit" (センパイ その…あざっス…お見舞い)
  8. "Senpai...What Were You Talking About With My Sister...?" (センパイ…姉と何 話してたんスか…?)
  9. "Senpai...So You Want To Know...My Name!!" (センパイ…知りたいんだ…私の名前!!)
  • Bonus: "You Like This Kind of Thing, Don't You, Senpai?" (センパイ好きっスねー こーゆーの)
When Senpai reads a shojo manga where the characters resemble Nagatoro and himself, Nagatoro has him re-create a situation where he has to lick her shoes. Senpai and Nagatoro go out for ice cream. While preparing for a school-wide distance run, Senpai tweaks his ankle. In the actual run, he tries to keep up with Nagatoro and her friends as they try to outrace Club President, but cannot go very far. Nagatoro and then her friends join in to carry him to the finish. When Nagatoro leaves her cellphone behind, Senpai takes it to her classroom but he hides in a locker when Nagatoro, Sakura and some other girl classmates arrive and talk about romance interests. He is eventually found out. When Nagatoro doesn't visit, Senpai learns that Nagatoro is home sick. Gamo and Yosshi have Senpai take the printouts to Nagatoro's home where he meets Nagatoro's older sister. While Nagatoro and Senpai have a snack and play video games, Nagatoro asks Senpai what he and her sister talked about, and what secrets he wants to know about herself. Senpai asks for her given name, but after some hesitancy, they are interrupted by Nagatoro's sister who blurts it out.
In the bonus manga, Nagatoro reads a manga where the couple are stuck in an escape room and must do "lewd things". She then stops Senpai from escaping the Art Club room.
9 November 9, 2020[42][43]978-4-06-521245-5
978-4-06-521249-3 (SE)
December 7, 2021[44]978-1-64729072-6

This volume covers chapters published in Magazine Pocket from the 2020-02-12 issue to the 2020-06-03 issue

  1. "Morning, Senpai" (おはざーす センパイ)
  2. "So This Is Your Room, Huh, Senpai?" (ここがセンパイの部屋っスかー)
  3. "You Stay Here and Mind the House, Okay, Senpai? ♥" (お留守番しててくださいねー セーンパイ)
  4. "Why, You! You of All People, Senpai!" (このっ センパイのくせにっ)
  5. "I'm Not Telling You, Senpai! ♡" (センパイには教えてあげなーい)
  6. "Well, Thanks for Treating Me, Senpai!" (いやーゴチっス センパイ!)
  7. "You Aren't Spending Christmas Alone, Are You, Senpai? ♡" (センパイ クリボッチじゃないっスかー)
  8. "Well, I've Got Something for You Too, Senpai..." (じゃー私からセンパイにも…)
  • Bonus: "The Boy-less Crew - All-Night Karaoke of Fury" (男いない組 怒りの徹カラ)
  • Bonus: "Christmas Presents" (クリスマスプレゼント)
  • Bonus: "Ghost of the Pale Woman" (白い女の霊)
Nagatoro shares with Senpai about an article about different moves girls do to excite guys. Senpai is sick and has to rest at home so Nagatoro visits. She helps take care of him and he dreams that she's his wife, and inadvertently calls her by her given name. Senpai later asks Nagatoro to model for her in a natural pose but afterwards she gives him a headlock. Senpai treats Nagatoro to a croquette and ponders how to fill out his future plans form. Senpai wants to give Nagatoro a Christmas present, but Nagatoro's friends want to have a karaoke group party. Senpai and Nagatoro excuse themselves to the Art Club room but before they can give each other presents, the Club President appears, and they have to find another room and eventually settle with the school rooftop after everyone else has left.
In the bonus manga: Nagatoro's single friends go to karaoke. Nagatoro asks her sister for Christmas presents advice. A schoolmate named Rabi-chan and her boyfriend heard of a rumor of a ghost girl roaming the hallways and encounter her.
10 March 9, 2021[45][46]978-4-06-522644-5
978-4-06-522647-6 (SE)
April 12, 2022[47]978-1-64729003-0

This volume covers chapters published in Magazine Pocket from the 2020-11-04 issue to the 2021-02-17 issue

  1. "So Then, Senpai, What Will Your Fortune Be This Year?" (さあセンパイの今年の運勢は~?)
  2. "What'cha End Up Wishing for, Senpai?" (センパイは結局 何お願いしたんスか?)
  3. "So You're Gonna Start Wearing Contacts, Aren't You!!" (センパイ コンタクトするんすねー!!)
  4. "So That's What Your Ski Skills Look Like, Huh, Senpai" (センパイの滑りってやっぱそんな感じなんスね)
  5. "You Know, That Felt Pretty Good, Senpai ♡" (なかなかいー感じでしたよ センパイ)
  6. "Why Don't You Try Gettin' Into Shape, Paisen?" (パイセンさ ちょーっと体鍛えてみねぇ?)
  7. "I'm Pretty Sure You're Not Into This at All, Senpai!!" (センパイこーゆーの絶対興味ないっしょ!!)
  8. "You Were Scared Outta Your Wits, Senpai!" (センパイ めっちゃビビってた~!)
  • Bonus: "The President's Drilling Paisen One-on-One" (ぶちょ~さんがパイセン マンツーマンでしごいてるってさ~)
Nagatoro hints to Senpai to visit the shrine for Hatsumōde where she works as a miko there. Nagatoro offers to put contact lenses in Senpai's eyes. Nagatoro and Senpai go snow skiing together. Senpai is still a beginner, so Nagatoro teaches him a little bit. As he practices, he helps another beginner from crashing into a tree, and then is rescued from crashing into some other skiers by Nagatoro who has switched to snowboarding. With Club President getting accepted into an arts school, Senpai ponders what to do for his future plans. He considers entering a school judo tournament. Gamo invites Senpai to train at her family's gym, and after seeing Nagatoro is featured, Senpai asks Nagatoro to train him.
In the bonus manga, Club President offers to train Senpai in judo, but becomes more of a distraction because she is not wearing anything underneath her uniform.
11 August 6, 2021[48]978-4-06-524023-6May 17, 2022 (digital)[49]
August 16, 2022 (print)[50]
This volume covers chapters published in Magazine Pocket from the 2021-03-10 issue to the 2021-06-30 issue. Chapters 79-86 + bonus
12 December 9, 2021[51]978-4-06-526278-8September 30, 2022[52]978-1-64729150-1
Chapters 87-94 + bonus
13 April 8, 2022[53]978-4-06-527519-1November 1, 2022[54]978-1-64729165-5
This volume covers chapters published in Magazine Pocket from the 2021-12-01 issue to the 2022-03-16 issue. Chapters 95-102 + 99.5.
14 August 9, 2022[55]978-4-06-528772-9
This volume covers chapters published in Magazine Pocket. Chapters 103-109 + Bonus 23
15 January 6, 2023[18]978-4-06-530336-8


An anime television series adaptation was announced on July 2, 2020. The series was directed by Hirokazu Hanai at Telecom Animation Film, with Taku Kishimoto supervising scripts, Misaki Suzuki designing the characters, and Gin composing the music.[1] It aired from April 11 to June 27, 2021, on Tokyo MX and other channels.[56][7][a] Crunchyroll licensed the series outside of Southeast Asia.[57] Medialink has licensed the series in Southeast Asia and streamed it on iQIYI, Amazon Prime Video and Ani-One Asia YouTube Channel.[58][59][60] Sumire Uesaka performed the opening theme "Easy Love", while Uesaka along with Mikako Komatsu, Aina Suzuki, and Shiori Izawa performed the ending theme "Colorful Canvas" (カラフル・キャンバス, "Karafuru Kyanbasu").[61][62] The series ran for 12 episodes.[13]

A second season was announced during an event on October 23, 2021.[63] Titled Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro 2nd Attack, the season is directed by Shinji Ushiro and produced by OLM, replacing Hanai and Telecom Animation Film. The rest of the main staff returned from the first season. It premiered on January 8, 2023, with ABEMA streaming each episode one week in advance of its televised broadcast.[64][65][b] Uesaka performed the opening theme "Love Crazy", while Uesaka along with Komatsu, Suzuki, and Izawa performed the ending theme "My Sadistic Adolescence".[66]

On October 28, 2021, Crunchyroll announced the series would receive an English dub, which premiered on January 11, 2022.[67] English dub voice actress Kimberley Anne Campbell recalled in an interview that she redid her audition to make Nagatoro sound more mean, and "turned on the brattiness and gremlin". English slang phrases were also added to the localized script.[68]

Episode list[edit]

Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro[edit]
No.Title [69][c]Directed by [69]Written by [69]Original air date [71]
1"Senpai is a bit ..."
Transcription: "Senpaitte, Chotto ..." (Japanese: センパイって、ちょっと…)
"Senpai, don't you ever get angry?"
Transcription: "Senpaitte Okoranain Desu ka?" (Japanese: センパイって怒らないんですか?)
Juria MatsumuraTaku KishimotoApril 11, 2021 (2021-04-11)
An introverted second year high school student (Naoto Hachioji, never addressed as such) drops his self-drawn manga at school and several girls mock him except for Hayase Nagatoro, a first year student who deduces the hero is based on himself. She torments him by proving his character is braver than him, causing him to cry. He attempts to avoid her but she interrupts his art club and pushes him into drawing her, but only after teasing him with the suggestion she pose nude. She also offers him a secret prize for the finished drawing. With the drawing finished she pretends to offer him a kiss, but then mocks him for it, pointing out he was obviously too embarrassed to draw her thighs properly, causing him to cry again. On their way home she asks him on a date, only to mock him again for thinking she was being serious and accidentally pushes him into a river. When he barely reacts she demands to know why he isn't angry and he admits after a lifetime of bullying he can't get angry anymore, and while she annoys him, he kind of enjoys her attention. Satisfied with his answer she demands he call her Nagatoro and she will call him Senpai.
2"You Got Your Wish, Senpai!"
Transcription: "Senpai no Ganbō ga Kanaimashita ne!!" (Japanese: センパイの願望が叶いましたね!!)
"'Sup, Senpai?!"
Transcription: "Chissu, Senpai!" (Japanese: ちっす、センパイっ!)
Hirokazu HanaiTaku KishimotoApril 18, 2021 (2021-04-18)
Senpai buys an erotic vampire manga which Nagatoro steals. Reading it Nagatoro realises the story is actually interesting, but does point out the cowardly human protagonist clearly resembles Senpai. Nagatoro jumps on Senpai pretending to vampirise him, only to be repelled by the garlic from his lunch and accidentally grabs his crotch, embarrassing them both, though she takes the opportunity to tease him for becoming aroused. The next day Nagatoro proposes a game of accurately poking where each other's nipples are under their clothing, with the prize of a ticket to force the loser to do any one thing without refusing. Senpai agrees, hoping he can force her to stop teasing him. Nagatoro correctly locates Senpai's nipples on her first attempt and assumes Senpai will be too embarrassed to take his turn. When Senpai decides he will try, Nagatoro becomes flustered, declares the game is over and escapes before he can take his turn. Senpai goes to his favourite restaurant to continue writing his manga when Nagatoro arrives with her friend on a double date with two boys. Senpai notices Nagatoro seems bored with the boys and doesn't tease them at all. However, when they meet outside the restaurant Nagatoro returns to normal and teases Senpai as they walk home.
3"Let's Play Again, Senpai"
Transcription: "Mata Yarimashō ne, Senpai" (Japanese: またやりましょうね、センパイっ)
"Over Here, Senpai"
Transcription: "Senpāi, Kotchi Kotchi〜" (Japanese: センパーイ、こっちこっち〜)
Yasuo TsuchiyaTaku KishimotoApril 25, 2021 (2021-04-25)
Nagatoro pretends to strip in front of Senpai, revealing she is wearing a swimsuit as underwear, then teases him for believing she would strip naked. Walking home they shelter from a rainstorm and Nagatoro teases him over her shirt becoming see-through. Believing she is still wearing her swimsuit, Senpai looks at her and sees her bra, flustering them both. As the rain continues Nagatoro invites Senpai to her home which is close compared to his long walk home. Unable to leave after Nagatoro puts his wet clothes in the dryer Senpai is invited to play games. Being an experienced gamer Senpai plans to defeat her as revenge, but she continues to tease him and defeats him instead. Despite this, Senpai admits he had fun. The next day Senpai is unable to find anywhere to sit at lunch and is forced to sit with Nagatoro and her friends. Nagatoro shows visible jealousy when they try to touch him, and even defends him from their teasing, causing Senpai to loudly declare he and Nagatoro are not dating, which annoys her. She later tries to teach him to turn teasing into a comedy routine with a funny shoulder slap, however, Senpai becomes so flustered he accidentally slaps her breasts, flustering them both, but Nagatoro recovers first and teases him about touching her breasts on purpose.
4"You're All Red, Senpai"
Transcription: "Senpai, Kao Makkassu yo~?" (Japanese: センパイ、顔真っ赤っスよ~?)
"Senpai, You Could Be a Little More ..."
Transcription: "Senpai wa, Mō Chotto ......" (Japanese: センパイは、もうちょっと……)
Ryūta Imaizumi
Yoshiyuki Kumeda
Taku KishimotoMay 2, 2021 (2021-05-02)
Nagatoro's friends, Gamo and Yosshii, tease him about being a virgin and force him to squeeze Gamo's breasts before revealing it was really bean buns under her shirt. They flee when Nagatoro arrives and again is jealous, though she is less annoyed after learning Senpai only touched the buns. She instead forces him into another game, to guess the difference between a normal and a limited edition bean bun under her shirt, but one of them falls out and Senpai accidentally squeezes her actual breast, flustering them both and earning Senpai a punishment. Later, while posing for his drawing Nagatoro notices Senpai is distracted watching classmate Hosakawa, champion of the baseball club, and deduces he is jealous of Hosakawa's popularity. Nagatoro points out he can't expect praise for his talents if he never praises other people either and demands he praise her, but is surprised when he compliments everything he likes about her, so she compliments his embarrassed reactions to her teasing. Senpai struggles to draw her while she teases him until Nagatoro accidentally falls asleep and he is able to draw her. For finishing the drawing Nagatoro pretends to kiss him with his eyes closed, only to reveal he actually kissed a toy and teases him about getting his hopes up, though she does admit she really likes the drawing.
5"Senpai's Poofball"
Transcription: "Senpai no Mokomoko" (Japanese: センパイのもこもこ)
"Thanks, Senpai!"
Transcription: "Senpai, Gochissu!!" (Japanese: センパイ、ゴチっス!!)
Yūma Suzuki
Sō Toyama
Taku KishimotoMay 9, 2021 (2021-05-09)
Nagatoro has a nightmare about Senpai ignoring her and spending time with Gamo and Yosshii, then becomes embarrassed when she wakes and finds Senpai covered her with a blanket. After tickling him she dares him to tickle her back, but she backs out at the last second from embarrassment. She offers to trim his long hair and he eventually agrees, but she is called away by Gamo and Yosshii who capture Senpai and threaten to shave his entire head, but Senpai manages to resist until a furious Nagatoro returns, sending Gamo and Yosshii fleeing. Touched that he was willing to resist just so she could cut his hair, she gives him a proper haircut. During a heatwave, Nagatoro insists they get shaved ice. Unknown to Nagatoro, Senpai protects her from perverts staring at her where sweat has made her bra visible through her shirt. Seeing her suffering from the heat Senpai drags her out of the queue of customers to sit in the shade. After she recovers, she instead buys the both of them some convenience store ice cream as thanks. As summer break is starting, Senpai believes he won't see Nagatoro all summer, until she asks for his phone number, surprising him that she would bother staying in touch. However, she instead begins sending him dozens of messages calling him a pervert.
6"You're Such a Wimp, Senpai ♥"
Transcription: "Senpai, Choro Sugiru~♡" (Japanese: センパイ、ちょろ過ぎる~♡)
"Senpai! Let's Go to the Beach!!"
Transcription: "Senpai! Umi, Ikimashō!" (Japanese: センパイ!海、行きましょうー!)
Kaoru SuzukiTaku KishimotoMay 16, 2021 (2021-05-16)
Senpai awakens in a fantasy world where he is tasked with defeating a demon lord. He forms a team with feline warrior Nekotoro, Gamo the huntress and dragon girl Yosshii. Reaching the demon lords castle Senpai realises the girls are actually the three demon lords who tease him for being a cowardly virgin. Senpai awakens in a restaurant, revealing the whole thing was a story he was writing that turned into a nightmare. Nagatoro finds his notebook filled with drawings of her as a sexy cat girl so she teases him about his fantasies. Nagatoro insists Senpai visits the beach with her, Gamo and Yosshii who tease him with their bikinis, making Nagatoro jealous. Senpai insists on sitting in the shade sketching as he hates sunburn and struggles at swimming. Nagatoro offers to rub suncream on him but he resists as that is something dating couples do. Irritated at the rejection Nagatoro applies the cream violently with her foot then becomes annoyed when Gamo and Yosshii also insist on stepping all over him. Senpai ends up having a lot of fun at the beach which makes Nagatoro happy. It is later revealed Senpai had been sketching Nagatoro smiling at the beach.
7"Senpai, Want to Go to the Festival?"
Transcription: "Senpai, Omatsuri Ikimasen ka?" (Japanese: センパイ、お祭り行きませんか?)
"It's Like a Date, Huh, Senpai?"
Transcription: "Dēto Mitaissu ne, Senpai♡" (Japanese: デートみたいっすね、センパイ♡)
"Let's Go Home, Senpai"
Transcription: "Kaerimashō, Senpai" (Japanese: 帰りましょう、センパイ)
Hisaya TakabayashiTaku KishimotoMay 23, 2021 (2021-05-23)
Senpai is surprised Nagatoro doesn't invite him to the summer festival so he goes by himself and bumps into Gamo and Yosshii . They send a picture to Nagatoro so she rushes to the festival in a fit of jealousy where Gamo challenges her to win Senpai back. During the festival games Nagatoro teases him about wanting her to invite him, but hints he could have invited her. Nagatoro wins Senpai back so Gamo and Yosshii leave. Fireworks draw a crowd so Senpai takes her to a more secluded spot to watch. Nagatoro teases that he is just trying to get her alone despite being too cowardly to try for a kiss. Senpai responds that she is also too cowardly to try, causing an awkward moment. They suddenly realise the secluded spot is a make out spot and they are surrounded by kissing couples, so they flee. Senpai suggests they visit next year's festival together, pleasing her. After returning to school Senpai sees a boy in Nagatoro's group keep putting his arm around her so he finds the courage to ask Nagatoro to leave with him, which she happily does, as do the girls, leaving the confused boys behind. Senpai meets another of Nagatoro's friends, Sakura, one of the girls who first bullied him for drawing manga in the library.
8"That Might Actually Be Fun, Senpai♥"
Transcription: "Igai to Tanoshii ka mo Shirenaissu ne, Moto Senpai♡" (Japanese: 意外と楽しいかもしれないっスね、元センパイ♡)
"Let's Play Rock-Paper-Scissors, Senpai!!"
Transcription: "Janken Shimashō, Senpai!!" (Japanese: じゃんけんしましょう、センパイ!!)
Hitomi EzoeTaku KishimotoMay 30, 2021 (2021-05-30)
As Senpai has weak muscles Nagatoro forces him to exercise by supporting her on his back, but her butt is too stimulating and Senpai collapses. Senpai becomes obsessed with a new game and forgets to study. Nagatoro warns him if he has to repeat the year he would end up in the same class as her. Senpai thoughtlessly blurts out that sounds fun, embarrassing them both, so he studies religiously and passes his exams so Nagatoro teases him about deliberately avoiding being in her class. Nagatoro overhears Senpai with Gamo, Yosshii and Sakura sounding suspicious and bursts in on them, only to find them trying to extract a splinter from Senpai's thumb, so Nagatoro jealously extracts the splinter herself. Annoyed over the splinter incident Nagatoro challenges Senpai to Rock, Paper, Scissors to force him to carry her home when he loses. Senpai almost drops her and when he tries to catch her he accidentally grabs her butt with both hands, causing her to flee home in sheer embarrassment. She later calls him to tease him that she is in the bath, his reaction amusing her so much she accidentally turns on her phone camera so he sees her naked, leaving them both embarrassed again.
9"Senpai's Such a Closet Perv!!"
Transcription: "Senpai wa Muttsuri Dashi!!" (Japanese: センパイはムッツリだし!!)
"There's No Way Creepy Senpai Could Go on a Proper Date!!"
Transcription: "Kimokimo Senpai ga Matomo ni Dēto Dekiru Wakenaissho!!" (Japanese: キモキモセンパイがまともにデート出来るわけ無いっしょ!!)
Yoshiyuki Kumeda
Kōichirō Kuroda
Taku KishimotoJune 6, 2021 (2021-06-06)
Nagatoro becomes obsessed with boxing and demands Senpai duel her, but Senpai steps too close and they almost hug, embarrassing them both. The girls are angered when their lunchroom is invaded by gaming nerds, so they send Sakura to break up the nerds friendships by flirting and making them jealous of each other. The girls don't believe Senpai is interested in girls but Nagatoro insists he is perverted and wagers he has porn in the clubroom. Nagatoro fails to find any and is mocked by Gamo. Feeling sorry for her, Senpai hints to where he has a dirty magazine, allowing Nagatoro to win and tease him mercilessly. Nagatoro gets a new ear piercing and convinces Senpai to let her pierce his ear. Senpai agrees but Nagatoro only pretends to do it and teases him about wanting to match her. Sakura reveals one of the nerds is stalking her and asks Senpai to pretend to be her boyfriend, infuriating Nagatoro when he agrees. Observing their fake date Nagatoro becomes frustrated at their supposed closeness and catches the stalker herself. With the fake date over Gamo is disappointed she couldn't take any embarrassing photos of the date. Nagatoro teases him about his awkwardness dating, which he admits is true.
10"You Seem Pretty Stiff, Senpai"
Transcription: "Senpaitte Karada, Kata Sō Desu yo nē" (Japanese: センパイって体、硬そーですよねぇ)
"I'll Do It For You, Senpai!!"
Transcription: "Yatte Yarimasu yo, Senpai!!" (Japanese: やってやりますよ、センパイ!!)
Yoshitaka NagaokaTaku KishimotoJune 13, 2021 (2021-06-13)
Nagatoro offers Senpai “hot snaps”, which he assumes are nude photographs, until she reveals she was talking about Snapping Hot Chicken and teases him for being perverted. Nagatoro notices Senpai is a slow runner and demands he jog with her. Senpai is distracted when Nagatoro turns up in a revealing running outfit. When he collapses halfway Nagatoro torments him until he reaches the finish where she continues to torment him during their cool down stretches. Senpai needs a model for his latest drawing and Nagatoro teasingly insists on modelling for him. Senpai agrees but claims he is recreating the cat girl drawing, so Nagatoro will need to actually wear a cat-girl costume. Senpai later feels guilty about his lie but is shocked when Nagatoro stubbornly turns up in costume. Hearing familiar footsteps Senpai surprises Nagatoro by insisting she hide. The art club president, whom Senpai is nervous of, arrives to see how Senpai has been managing the art club in her absence, but when she sees his drawings of cat-girl Nagatoro she threatens to have the club shut down. Nagatoro furiously reveals herself to defend Senpai's dedication to art. To test this the president demands Senpai run his own art exhibit at the cultural festival in competition with her own, and if the students vote Senpai's exhibit as better than hers, she will leave the club alone.
11"What Do You Think, Senpai?"
Transcription: "Senpai wa Dō Omottensu ka?" (Japanese: センパイはどう思ってんスか?)
"You Could Be More Honest, Senpai ♥"
Transcription: "Sunao ja Nain da Karā, Senpai wā♡" (Japanese: 素直じゃないんだからー、センパイはー♡)
Yūma SuzukiTaku KishimotoJune 20, 2021 (2021-06-20)
Senpai is not confident as the president's previous exhibit was a nude painting of herself. Nagatoro is suspicious at Senpai having kept the painting but does offer to model for him. Senpai refuses, claiming he isn't skilled enough to defeat the president. The girls claim it is because Nagatoro has smaller breasts, causing Senpai to defend Nagatoro, surprising her. Nagatoro models many costumes but has to admit Senpai's drawings lack impact next to the painting. Senpai decides to not draw Nagatoro anymore in case his exhibit fails and Nagatoro is embarrassed. The president splits the club room in half to have privacy for her next nude portrait. She advises Senpai that his paintings are skilful, but lack passion. Nagatoro visits but flees seeing the undressed President. While chasing her Senpai asks her to model for him but she refuses. Senpai shocks Nagatoro by saying he is happiest drawing her and doesn't want to draw anyone else, embarrassing her but making her happy and causing them both to fall into the pool where she cheerfully accuses him of looking at her bra again. Nagatoro asks why Senpai continually sketches her in everyday situations and he says that is when she is cutest, embarrassing them both but allowing her to tease him. The president visits another student who suggests something else is going on around her competition with Senpai .
12"Has Spring Come Even for You, the Unpopular Loner Louse Senpai?"
Transcription: "Himote Hagu Funa Senpai ni mo Tsui ni Haru ga Tōraissu ka~?" (Japanese: 非モテはぐフナセンパイにもついに春が到来っスか~?)
"Did You Hear Her Talk About Love, Senpai?"
Transcription: "Ai Toka Iwarechattemasu yoo Senpāi?" (Japanese: 愛とか言われちゃってますよぉセンパーイ?)
Hirokazu HanaiTaku KishimotoJune 27, 2021 (2021-06-27)
Senpai produces paintings of Nagatoro's daily life. Gamo suggests sabotaging the President but Senpai insists he will compete fairly. The festival arrives and Nagatoro and the girls wear cat costumes to promote Senpai's paintings. Senpai becomes jealous when Nagatoro teases their visitors while Nagatoro becomes jealous when girls begin admiring Senpai. Before tensions rose any further, Gamo allows the two a lunch break where they immediately dismiss their jealousy. Returning they find the student council refusing to let the President display her painting claiming it is immoral. Senpai intervenes, claiming the President's desire to paint herself is no different than his desire to paint Nagatoro and should allow her artistic expression. Nagatoro and the girls also support the President with Yosshii providing camera footage showing that most students were serious admirers. The council allows the painting to remain but disqualifies the President from the competition, giving Senpai victory and allowing the art club to remain open. The girls gleefully insist the President must endure a loser's punishment and force her into a sexy bunny-girl costume. The President compliments Senpai's paintings, claiming they contain his love, embarrassing him and Nagatoro. Senpai invites Nagatoro to the closing event, a musical concert. The next day Senpai does another sketch of Nagatoro and she offers him another reward, only this time she kisses him for real, though only on the cheek.
Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro 2nd Attack[edit]
No.Title [72][d]Directed by [72]Written by [72]Original air date [74][e]
1"It's You and Me, Senpai~"
Transcription: "Senpai to Watashi no Nakanansu kara〜" (Japanese: センパイと私の仲なんスから~)
Yu TakahashiTaku KishimotoJanuary 8, 2023 (2023-01-08)
2"You're Inviting Me, Senpai!?"
Transcription: "Senpai no Osasoi Suka!?" (Japanese: センパイのお誘いっスか!?)
TBATBAJanuary 15, 2023 (2023-01-15)
3"Senpai... Were You... Listening to What I Said...?"
Transcription: "Senpai... Sakki no... Kiitemashita...?" (Japanese: センパイ... さっきの... 聞いてました...?)
TBATBAJanuary 22, 2023 (2023-01-22)
4"Why Don't You Come Inside, Senpai-kun?"
Transcription: "Agattettekureta Maeyo, Senpai-kun♡" (Japanese: 上がってってくれたまえよ センパイ君♡)
TBATBAJanuary 29, 2023 (2023-01-29)
5"So This Is Your Room, Huh, Senpai?"
Transcription: "Koko ga Senpai no Heya Sukaー" (Japanese: ここがセンパイの部屋っスかー)
TBATBAFebruary 5, 2023 (2023-02-05)


Oricon Japanese comic rankings
Notes Refs
2 34 1 week [75]
3 20 1 week [76]
4 24 2 weeks [77]

Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro has received mixed reviews. The first few chapters have been criticized for Nagatoro's teasing, with reviewers comparing it to bullying. However, the art and character development has been well received, with Nagatoro showing a softer side as the series progresses.[78][79][80]

Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro has also been compared to other works in the "teasing" genre, such as Teasing Master Takagi-san and Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out![78][79]

In November 2019, the manga had over one million copies in circulation in Japan, and surpassed 1.2 million in mid-July 2020.[81][82] As of October 2022, the manga had over 3.3 million copies in circulation.[83]

The series' protagonists were featured in a cameo in Kaguya-sama: Love Is War - Dōjin Edition.[84] Nanashi has also drawn a collaboration manga with Azu's Magical Sempai.[85]


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  5. ^ From episode 2, episodes are released on select platforms a week before their air dates on television.

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