Don't You Ever Leave Me

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"Don't You Ever Leave Me"
Single by Hanoi Rocks
from the album Two Steps from the Move
B-side "Oil and Gasoline" and "Malibu Nightmare"
Released August 1984 (Finland), 8 October 1984 (UK)
Format 7" single, 12" single, EP
Recorded 20 January - 24 March 1984
Genre Rock, hard rock, glam punk, glam rock
Length 4:05
Label CBS
Writer(s) Andy McCoy
Producer(s) Bob Ezrin
Hanoi Rocks singles chronology
"Underwater World"
"Don't You Ever Leave Me"
"People Like Me"

"Don't You Ever Leave Me" is a single by the Finnish rock and glam punk band Hanoi Rocks taken from their 1984 hit album Two Steps From The Move. The single was released by CBS.

"Don't You Ever Leave Me" made its first appearance on Hanoi Rocks' first album Bangkok Shocks, Saigon Shakes, Hanoi Rocks, but it had more punky atmosphere and faster tempo. They remade the version, which the band loved much more. It is usually considered one of the best songs by Hanoi Rocks. The band's guitarist Andy McCoy commented on the song in Finnish Soundi magazine in 1984: "Well, yeah, we screwed up that song so bad back then, that we had to remake it now. As a song, I think it's fucking great and this version is what the original should have been.".

The version of "Don't You Ever Leave Me" that's on the 12" single differs from the album and 7" single versions, as the 12" single version features the narration's (originally spoken by McCoy and Razzle) spoken by McCoy in Spanish.

The song "Oil And Gasoline" (which was the song's B-side) was a new song that originally made its appearance on the "Underwater World" single the same year in 1984.

"Malibu Nightmare" (which is on the 12" single) was originally featured on the EP for the song "Love's An Injection" in 1982. The song was originally made just as a joke, which had Nasty Suicide on bass, because Sam Yaffa was late from the recording. It was re-recorded on the band's 1983 album Back to Mystery City.

Swedish sleaze rock act Hardcore Superstar covered the song on their second album.

Track listing[edit]

7" single
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Don't You Ever Leave Me"   Andy McCoy 4:05
2. "Oil And Gasoline"   Andy McCoy, Gregg Brown 4:42
12" single
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Don't You Ever Leave Me"   Andy McCoy 4:05
2. "Oil And Gasoline"   Andy McCoy 4:42
3. "Malibu Nightmare"   Andy McCoy 2:03


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