Don't Be Frightened of Turning the Page

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Don't Be Frightened of Turning the Page
EP by Bright Eyes
Released 2001
Genre Indie rock
Length 24:22

Don't Be Frightened of Turning the Page is an EP by Nebraska band Bright Eyes released in 2001. It was released only in Japan and the UK, and contains the four Bright Eyes songs from their 2001 split with Son, Ambulance, entitled Oh Holy Fools: The Music of Son, Ambulance & Bright Eyes, as well as two additional songs.

While the CD is unavailable in most countries, the vinyl record of this album was included in the Bright Eyes Vinyl Box Set.

The track "Mirrors and Fevers" was used as the intro to 2006's rarities compilation, Noise Floor (Rarities: 1998-2005). The track "I Won't Ever Be Happy Again" can also be found on the Split EP with Son, Ambulance, Insound Tour Support Series No. 12. However, on this release it is a different, cleaner recording with drums and a full band, whereas the other was a more lo-fi recording with just acoustic guitar and other acoustic instruments, as well as some lyrical changes.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Going for the Gold" 5:06
2. "Oh, You Are the Roots That Sleep Beneath My Feet and Hold the Earth in Place" 3:10
3. "I Won't Ever Be Happy Again" 2:37
4. "No Lies, Just Love" 5:58
5. "Kathy With a K's Song" 5:28
6. "Mirrors and Fevers" 2:03
Total length: 24:22