Don't Close Your Eyes (EP)

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Don't Close Your Eyes
EP by Parkway Drive
Released 2004
2006 (reissue)
Genre Metalcore
Length 26:19
45:27 (re-release)
Label Resist
Parkway Drive chronology
I Killed the Prom Queen / Parkway Drive
Don't Close Your Eyes
Killing with a Smile

Don't Close Your Eyes is an EP released by Australian metalcore band Parkway Drive in 2004. It was later re-released with the addition of tracks included from both their split album with I Killed the Prom Queen and from the compilation albums What We've Built and True Till Death, Volume I. Two songs, "Smoke 'Em If Ya Got 'Em" and "Hollow Man", were re-recorded and released on Parkway Drive's debut album Killing with a Smile and 2010 album Deep Blue, respectively. "Hollow Man" is released as just "Hollow" on Deep Blue, and features Marshall Lichtenwaldt, the vocalist of American hardcore punk band the Warriors.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Parkway Drive.

Don't Close Your Eyes
No. Title Length
1. "..." (taken from the movie The End of Evangelion) 1:12
2. "Smoke 'Em If Ya Got 'Em" 3:45
3. "Dead Dreams" 3:20
4. "Flesh, Bone and Weakness" 5:13
5. "The Cruise" 1:56
6. "You're Over" 3:16
7. "Looks Like Yoda" 2:55
8. "Don't Close Your Eyes" 4:42
Total length: 26:19
2006 re-release bonus tracks
No. Title Length
9. "I Watched" (taken from the split CD) 3:29
10. "Swallowing Razorblades" (taken from the split CD) 4:14
11. "Emotional Breakdown" (taken from What We've Built) 2:32
12. "Hollow Man" (taken from What We've Built) 2:22
13. "The Negotiator" (taken from What We've Built) 3:39
14. "Hopeless" (taken from True Till Death, Volume I) 2:52
Total length: 45:27


Parkway Drive
Additional personnel
  • Jessica Turman – guest vocals
  • Stuart Nevin – mixer (tracks 1–8)
  • Brad Wann – mixer (tracks 9–14)
  • William Bowden – re-mastering
  • Ash Pederick – graphic designer
  • Andian Martin – photography