Don't Stop Believin' (TV series)

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Don't Stop Believin'
Dont Stop Believing poster.jpg
Poster with autographs of Edwin Goh and Xu Bin
Genre School life
Written by Lau Ching Poon 刘清盆
Cynthia Chong 张湄纭
Directed by Leong Lye Lin 梁来玲(ep 1-5)
Foo Seng Peng 符之炳(ep 6-13)
林美娜(ep 14-20)
Starring Felicia Chin
Elvin Ng
Romeo Tan
Edwin Goh
Kimberly Chia
Ian Fang
Xu Bin
Opening theme 《真善美》 by Tay Kewei, Wei En
Ending theme 《桃李》 by Foo Jierong
Country of origin Singapore
Original language(s) Chinese
No. of episodes 20
Producer(s) Soh Bee Lian 苏美莲
Running time 1 hour
Original network MediaCorp Channel 8
Original release August 14 (2012-08-14) – September 10, 2012 (2012-09-10)
Preceded by Joys of Life
Followed by Poetic Justice
Related shows Life - Fear Not (2015 - 2016)
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Don't Stop Believin' (simplified Chinese: 我们等你!) is a Singaporean Chinese drama which was telecast on Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp Channel 8. It made its debut on 14 August 2012.[1] This drama serial consists of 20 episodes and was screened on weekdays at 9:00 pm.

Don't Stop Believin became the top-rated 2012 on MediaCorp TV Channel 8, overtaking the previous record-holder Joys of Life.[1] Its last episode also attracted more than 1 million viewers.[2]


Du Siman (Felicia Chin) is a passionate teacher of a top school. After clashing with the principal over a student, she decides to join Brilliante Secondary School, the school with the worst academic results in Singapore as it accepts pupils who have failed the Primary School Leaving Examinations at least twice. Through sheer determination, she manages to convince the principal, Zhou Yaoguang (Cavin Soh) and vice principal Li Shengchun (Constance Song), to recruit her. Unfortunately, Siman's first day at the school turns out disastrous.

Wu Yanbin (Elvin Ng) is a counselor in the school. Initially, Siman was furious with Yanbin after he did not respond to her calls for help when she was locked inside a recreation room. He even seemingly rejects Siman's profession of love for him. However, her stance towards him softened after she found out that Yanbin suffers from frequent bouts of sudden deafness.

In Siman's class is a student by the name of Bai Zhixiang (Ian Fang). If not for a home visit, she will not have believed that in a prosperous First World country like Singapore, there exists such a poor family who not only cannot pay their utility bills, they do not even have gas at home. Then there is another student Cai Wensheng (Edwin Goh) who is studying, and working at the same time to support the family at such a tender age because his father, Tianshi (Wang Yuqing), is mentally unwell. Emotions well up when Siman and the new volunteer teacher Angel (Tang Ling Yi) see these students rushing off to work right after school.

Zhong Guo'an ( Brandon Wong) is the disciplinary master of the school. In front of the whole school, he canes Junliang (Xu Bin) who is involved in a case where a female student, Jessie (Shelia Tan) is molested. Feeling maligned, the indignant Junliang throws a bag of urine at Jessie sneakily. Unfortunately, Guo'an slips and is rendered paralysed as a result. He is wheelchair- bound for life. Full of guilt, Junliang wants to visit Guo'an in hospital but is stopped by Yaoguang. Out of guilt, he protests about not being allowed to see his own father.

Zhixiang has his first taste of love when he falls for a classmate, Yilin (Kimberly Chia), who rejects him. Yilin confides in Yanbin every now and then. Once, when Yilin suffers a nosebleed, Yanbin carefully helps her to stop the bleeding. The young girl somehow develops feelings for him despite knowing that Yanbin is in love with someone else...

Jin Zhengnan (Romeo Tan), Yanbin's good friend, is fond of Siman after meeting her for the time. To get close to her, he volunteers to conduct a bakery class for the students of Brilliante Secondary School. Siman's heart, however, is with Yanbin. Once, Siman sums up her courage to express her feelings for Yanbin. Unfortunately, Yanbin's hearing defect leads to Siman mistaking him for rejecting her love. Disappointed, Siman finally gives in to Zhengnan's wooing.

Siman and Yanbin take the students on an overseas tour. They find out unexpectedly that Yilin is suffering from a terminal illness. In fact, Yilin knows about it all along but chooses to hide the truth from her teachers and classmates. As her condition worsens, she is unable to participate in the culinary competition organized by the TV station. She can only hope that her teammates will fulfill her wish.

Alex (Xavier Ong), a problem student who bears a grudge against Yanbin for punishing him, threatens another student into accusing Yanbin of molestation. He even trumps up a load of evidence and produces false witnesses, leaving Yanbin defenceless. In view of the damning evidence, the school board unanimously decides to fire Yanbin. Yaoguang goes all out to defend Yanbin, and makes up his mind to pursue the matter with him. He vows to resign as Principal if Yanbin is dismissed from his job. Siman is roused to join their camp.



Cast Role Description
Felicia Chin Du Siman 杜思曼

She is a passionate teacher and is in love with Yanbin
Yanbin's Girlfriend
Went missing for 3 years when working with Yanbin as a volunteer in Cambodia.
In Pior to Life - Fear Not

Elvin Ng Wu Yanbin 吴彦彬

Brilliante's guidance counselor. He was a teenage delinquent who was subsequently remanded at a reformatory. He was also a former student of Yaoguang, the current Principal of Brilliante. It was because of Yaoguang's undying faith that Yanbin could change for the better that knocked sense into the latter, who vowed to make good and successfully earned his certification as a professional counselor. To repay Yaoguang's kindness, he applies to be a counselor at Brilliante Secondary School on his own accord.
Siman's Boyfriend
He later transfers to Zhi Li Secondary School as a counselor.
In Pior to Life - Fear Not

Romeo Tan Jin Zhennan 金正南

He is a chef who is in love with Siman, though the pair broke up later on when Zhennan's unfaithfulness came to light. He is also Yanbin best friend since their old school days.

Cavin Soh Zhou Yaoguang 周耀光

The Principal of Brilliante. He is a long-time educator who believes that all students should be given a second chance.

Constance Song Li Shenchun 李圣春

Vice-principal of Brilliante.

Ben Yeo Cui Dabao 崔大保

A teacher at Brilliante. He is well known throughout the school as one who always chase after any new female teachers who come into the school. He later fell in love with Li Shenchun, after she had once helped him when he was having a stomach ache. However, it is his one-sided love. He was also the temporary discipline master when Guo An was hospotalized.
He later got transferred to Zhi Li Secondary school as the principal.
Information from Life - Fear Not

Tang Ling Yi Angel

Yaoguang's niece who is a teacher at Brilliante.

Brandon Wong Zhong Guo An 钟国安

The discipline master of Brilliante and Junliang's father. An unfortunate incident resulted in him being wheelchair-bound for life.

Zhang Wei Uncle Lim


Cast Role Description
Edwin Goh Cai Wensheng 蔡文胜

The student with the worst academic result at Brilliante. He has to study and work at the same time to support his father
Bai Zhixiang's Best Friend & Rival In Love

Has a crush on Deng Yilin.

Kimberly Chia Deng Yilin 邓怡琳

A girl who suffers from kidney cancer and died. Her parents are divorced.

Has a crush on Wu Yanbin.
(Deceased - Episode 20)

Ian Fang Bai Zhixiang 白志翔

A student with poor academic results. He is a hyperactive student who loves food and dreams to become a chef
Cai WenSheng's Best Friend and Rival In Love

Has a crush on Deng Yilin.
He ends up working as a helper in the shop. In Pior to Life - Fear Not

Xu Bin Zhong Junliang 钟俊良

A student who got transferred to the school. It was later revealed that he was Zhong Guo An's son.He was transferred out of the school to pursue his interest with everyone's support. Jessie's Love interest.
Left the school - Episode 15

Phua Yida Wu Qinghua 吴清华

A student who worships Junliang.

Shelia Tan Jessie

The class representative. She once did not want to go to school because she thought that she had no friends in school and she had been molested.
Has a crush on Junliang.

Ang Ching Hui Chen Xiaohe 筱禾

A student who is a slow-learner.

Scott C. Hillyard Zheng Lida 郑立达

A student.

Xavier Ong Alex

The most rebellious student in school. However, his results are better than the other students. He stays with his abusive mother.

Parents / Other cast[edit]

Cast Role Description
May Phua Wang Lihong 王丽虹

She is Chen Xiaohe's mother and is also Yaoguang's ex-fianceé.

Wang Yuqing Cai Weifeng 蔡威风

Cai Wensheng's father.

Huang Shinan Ken Yilin's father
Shane Pow Du Siwei 杜思维 Du Siman younger brother.
Li Wenhai Du Qiucheng 杜秋成, and 林倩如 as Feng Yun 凤云 Siman and Siwei's parents
Teo Ser Lee Anita Yaoguang's elder sister and Angel's mother.
Silver Ang Irene Anita's newly hired maid in episode 4


Filming for Don't Stop Believin' started on 10 May 2012 and ended on 16 July 2012. The school scenes would be filmed at East Coast Primary School and the production studio. Out-of-studio filmed scenes included locations like NEX, City Square Mall, Punggol, Serangoon, Bishan and Sentosa.[citation needed]

Producer Soh Bee Lian said that there might be a sequel to Don't Stop Believin', though this sequel would involve a new cast and would take some time to produce.[2] The sequel may replace Unriddle 2 in having a third instalment.


Don't Stop Believin' was well received by Singaporean viewers. It was the most-watched television drama of 2012 in Singapore, garnering an average viewership of 919,000 over its 20 episodes.[2] Although its debut episode garnered only 852,000 viewers,[3] the drama's last episode was attracted a total of 1,047,800 viewers, beating the previous viewership record of 993,000 viewers set by the period drama Joys of Life.[2]

A review in The Straits Times described this drama as "refreshing".[4] It also praised "the energy of the young cast", who "makes the drama more enjoyable than you expect it to be".[4] However, it added that "At second sight, Channel 8 touches, such as repetitive lines and ideas, are more apparent".[4] Overall, the newspaper gave this television drama a rating of 3 out of 5 stars.[4]

Overseas broadcast[edit]

This drama is one of the first dramas to be broadcast exclusive in Malaysia after its first telecast of two weeks, but there are possible plans to broadcast worldwide.

Country of Broadcast Broadcasting Network Debut Finale Preceded by Followed by
 Malaysia Astro Shuang Xing[5] 30 August 2012 at 4.30pm, weekdays
(encore on 31 August at 3.30pm, weekdays)
26 September 2012
(encore on 27 September)
Joys of Life Poetic Justice

2013 Accolades[edit]

Don't Stop Believin' clinched 4 out of 10 nominations in the Star Awards 2013, including Top Rated Drama Serial of the year. Felicia Chin & Elvin Ng have also received nominations in Favourite Female TV Character and Favourite On-Screen Couple in PPCTV MediaCorp Awards 2015.The other dramas nominated for Best Drama Series Poetic Justice , Unriddle 2 , Game Plan & Pillow Talk.The other dramas that are nominated for Best Theme Song are It Takes Two , Joys Of Life , Show Hand & Yours Fatefully

Star Awards 2013[edit]

Nominee / Work Award Accolade Result
《真善美》sung by Tay Kewei and Wei En 郑可为、薇恩 Star Awards 2013 Show 1
红星大奖2013 亮闪八方
Best Theme Song
Lau Ching Poon 刘清盆
Cynthia Chong Mei Ying 张湄纭
Best Screenplay
Xu Bin 徐彬 Favourite Male Character
Kimberly Chia 谢静仪 Favourite Female Character
Felicia Chin 陈靓瑄 Nominated
Don’t Stop Believin’ 我们等你 Top Rated Drama Serial 2012
最高收视率电视剧 2012
Ian Fang 方伟杰 Rocket Award
Star Awards 2013
Best Newcomer
Edwin Goh 吴劲威 Nominated
Constance Song 宋怡霏 Best Supporting Actress
N/A Best Drama Serial
Felicia Chin 陈凤玲 PPCTV MediaCorp Awards 2015 Favourite Female TV Character Nominated
Elvin Ng 黄俊雄/Felicia Chin 陈凤玲 Favourite On-Screen Couple Nominated

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