Don Asmussen

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Don Asmussen
Self portrait from Bad Reporter comic strip
Born Donald Asumssen
Rhode Island
Residence San Francisco
Occupation Editorial cartoonist
Employer San Francisco Chronicle
Website Official Website

Don Asmussen (born 1962) is an American cartoonist working for the San Francisco Chronicle and Universal Press Syndicate.

He was born in Rhode Island. He worked at the Portland Press Herald, The Detroit News, The San Diego Union-Tribune, and Time Magazine before joining the San Francisco Chronicle in 1997.

His current strip is the semi-weekly "Bad Reporter", which he created for the Chron, and which runs under the slogan "The lies behind the truth, and the truth behind those lies that are behind that truth."[1] He has also created short comic serials while on location covering events including the Super Bowl, the World Series, and the Burning Man festival.

Also in 1997, another of his strips, The Hero Santon, appeared on and in Mad Magazine.

In 1997, he released a book, The San Francisco Comic Strip Book of Big-Ass Mocha,[2] a collection of comic strips that appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper.

In 2006, he released a book, Dog vs. Cat: A Nation Divided,[3] a parody of the 2004 presidential election.


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