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Don C (Don Crawley) is a streetwear designer of the brand Just Don,[1] a popular street-wear brand that often does collaboration with Nike Jordan. Just Don was founded in 2011, focusing on sports apparel.

At one point in time Don C was an executive at the G.O.O.D. Music label and was a tour manager for Kanye West. Don C has even gotten a shoutout in two of Kanye's songs: "I Am A God" and “Facts”. After getting in trouble with the paparazzi, Don C eventually was fully set on fashion.[2][3]


Don C first collaborated with Jordan in January 2015, redesigning the Jordan 2 with a blue quilted design. This design took off and gave both Nike and Don C much attention. For one of Don C's most recent collaborations, in May 2017, he created a Jordan 2 in Arctic Orange exclusively for women, children, and babies with the theme "Family First". Don C did eventually make a men's size to include everyone.[4]

Much of the clothes of the Just Don brand is designed with sports logos such as teams from NBA, NHL, and MLS. One thing that Just Don is known for is his hats. He designs NBA, NHL, and MLS hats with snakeskin straps and snake skin bills. These hats are popular among celebrities notably Jay-Z.[5]


Don C and Kanye West were arrested in 2008 for getting into a fight with the paparazzi at LAX, where they ended up breaking a camera. They were charged with vandalism, grand theft, and battery. Both were sentenced to 50 hours of community service. If they had been convicted they could have ended up in jail and served a sentence up to 5 years.[6][7]


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