Don Daredevil Rides Again

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Don Daredevil Rides Again
Don Daredevil Rides Again FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Fred C. Brannon
Produced by Franklin Adreon
Written by Ronald Davidson
Starring Ken Curtis
Aline Towne
Roy Barcroft
Lane Bradford
Robert Einer
John Cason
Music by Stanley Wilson
Cinematography Ellis W. Carter
Distributed by Republic Pictures
Release date
  • April 11, 1951 (1951-04-11) (U.S.)[1]
Running time
12 chapters / 167 minutes[1]
Country United States
Language English
Budget $153,080 (negative cost: $155,200)[1]

Don Daredevil Rides Again (1951) is a Republic Movie serial. It makes heavy use of stock footage from Republic's previous Zorro serials. The character of Don Daredevil (Ken Curtis) was created for this serial as the rights to Zorro belonged to Disney by 1951.



Don Daredevil Rides Again was budgeted at $153,080 although the final negative cost was $155,200 (a $2,120, or 1.4%, overspend). It was the most expensive Republic serial of 1951.[1]

It was filmed between 5 February and 27 February 1951.[1] The serial's production number was 1930.[1]

Don Daredevil Rides Again used stock footage taken from the earlier serial Zorro's Black Whip.[2][3]


  • Tom Steele as Lee Hadley/Don Daredevil/Henchman Black (doubling Ken Curtis)
  • Eddie Parker as Douglas Stratton (doubling Roy Barcroft)
  • Dale Van Sickel as Gary Taylor/Dan Farley (doubling Robert Einer)
  • Carey Loftin as Hagen/Henchman Owens (doubling John Cason)

Special effects[edit]

Special effects by the Lydecker brothers



Don Daredevil Rides Again's official release date is 11 April 1951, although this is actually the date the sixth chapter was made available to film exchanges.[1]

Critical reception[edit]

Cline describes this serial as just a "quickie."[4]

Chapter titles[edit]

  1. Return of the Don (20min)
  2. Double Death (13min 20s)
  3. Hidden Danger (13min 20s)
  4. Retreat to Destruction (13min 20s)
  5. Cold Steel (13min 20s)
  6. The Flaming Juggernaut (13min 20s)
  7. Claim Jumper (13min 20s)
  8. Perilous Combat (13min 20s)
  9. Hostage of Destiny (13min 20s)
  10. Marked for Murder (13min 20s) - a re-cap chapter
  11. The Captive Witness (13min 20s)
  12. Flames of Vengeance (13min 20s)


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