Don Diego and Pelagia

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Don Diego and Pelagia
Don Diego and Pelagia.jpg
Directed byYakov Protazanov
Written byVasili Lokot
CinematographyYevgeni Alekseyev
Release date
24 February 1928
CountrySoviet Union
Russian intertitles

Don Diego and Pelagia (Russian: Дон Диего и Пелагея, romanizedDon Diego i Pelageya) is a 1928 Soviet silent comedy drama directed by Yakov Protazanov.[1][2]

The film's art direction was by Sergei Kozlovsky.


Head of a small railway station Yakov Ivanovich Golovach is obsessed with reading historical novels about knights. Fancying himself as the hero of one book – Don Diego, he loves to fight with an imaginary opponent. He is caught in the act by the female residents of the surrounding villages who came to the station of the arriving mail train in order to sell their simple culinary creations

Laughter of the peasant women drives Yakov Ivanovich furious. In a rage he orders to detain violators of the railway rules who are crossing the railway line. But he only manages to catch the dawdling old woman Pelageya Diomina ...



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