Don Giovanni Records

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Don Giovanni Records
Founded2003 (2003)
FounderJoe Steinhardt
Zach Gajewski
GenreAlternative rock, Indie Rock, Punk rock, Experimental, hip-hop
Country of originUnited States
LocationNew Brunswick, New Jersey

Don Giovanni Records is an independent record label originally specializing in punk rock from the New Brunswick, New Jersey music scene but eventually working with a variety of artists from different genres.


Don Giovanni Records was founded by Joe Steinhardt and Zach Gajewski while they were living in Boston in 2003.[1]

Each year the label puts on the Don Giovanni Records Showcase.[2][3]

Don Giovanni's primary focus has been on bands local to the New York/New Jersey independent music scene with a heavy focus on New Brunswick, NJ's basement scene. The label also has a reputation for supporting and working with female fronted and LGBT artists such as Screaming Females, Waxahatchee, Priests, Laura Stevenson & The Cans, Downtown Boys, Aye Nako, Moor Mother, and Alice Bag.[4]

Steinhardt and Gajewski started the label while playing in bands and attending college at Boston University where the two met. After graduation they moved to New Brunswick, where Steinhardt was from, in order to make the label a full-time operation.

In 2016 Steinhardt launched the New Alternative Music Festival [5][6][7]. The label has been vocally critical of Record Store Day and streaming music as well as other social issues within the music industry[8][9][10][11][12].


Artists such as Screaming Females, Waxahatchee, Laura Stevenson, Sammus, Downtown Boys, The Ergs!, Nude Beach, Priests, Tenement, P.S. Eliot, Jeffrey Lewis, Peter Stampfel, Worriers, and Shellshag as well as comedian Chris Gethard have released records on Don Giovanni.

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