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Don J. Snyder (born 1950 Pennsylvania) is an American novelist and screenwriter.


He grew up in Bangor, Maine. He graduated from Colby College in 1968 and earned a Masters Of Fine Arts from the Iowa Writers Workshop in 1986 where he was chosen for their prestigious Teaching-Writing Fellowship. He was awarded a James Michener Fellowship for his first novel. [1] He taught at Colgate University, Colby College, The University of Maine, and Columbia College. In 1997 He moved his family to the seaside village of St. Andrews, New Brunswick where he created a Writing Retreat for new MFA grads. In 1984 he married Colleen McQuinn of Maine. They eloped in Winchester England where she was teaching at the time, then rode the Night Ryder train from London to Scotland to begin their honeymoon. From 1985, until 1990 they had four children, three daughters—Erin, Nell, Cara—and a son, Jack. In 1987 they lived in County Wicklow, Ireland with two babies while Don wrote his second novel, From The Point. In 2008 Don returned to Scotland to work as a caddie.

Literary career[edit]

Across the forty years of his writing life, Snyder had the chance to teach for nine years at Colgate University, Colby College, The University of Maine in Orono and Farmington, Columbia College and Western Connecticut State University. This experience and raising children he has called the great privileges of his life.

Snyder is the author of six novels and four nonfiction books published by Alfred A Knopf, Little Brown, Random House, Simon & Schuster and Doubleday. He won a James A. Michener Fellowship for his first novel, Veterans Park. His work has been translated into nineteen languages and is focused upon the distance between the way we dream our lives will turn out and the way they do. He wrote the 2003 movie, "Fallen Angel" which was based on his novel and which starred Joely Richardson and Gary Sinise. For the last eighteen years he has been working on the screenplay adaptation of his book, Of Time & Memory, which was published in 1999 by Alfred A. Knopf and tells the story of his nineteen-year-old mother who died sixteen days after giving birth to him and his twin brother and was kept secret from him all his life.[2]

His work appeared in The New York Times Sunday Magazine, and Harper's Magazine.[3]


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The Winter Travelers, a novel. publisher= Downeast Books 2012


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