Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University

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Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University
La Union State University.png
Type State University
Established January 15, 1981
President Atty. Benjamin P. Sapitula
Location Bacnotan, La Union,  Philippines
Campus North La Union Campus - Bacnotan, La Union,
Mid La Union Campus - San Fernando City, La Union,
South La Union Campus - Agoo, La Union,
Fisheries Research and Training Institute - Balaoan, La Union
Institute of Fisheries(SLUC)- Santo Tomas, La Union
Institute of Agriculture (SLUC)- Rosario, La Union

The Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, more often referred to by the acronym "DMMMSU" (pronounced DEEM-su) is the state university serving the province of La Union in the Philippines. Its main campus is in Bacnotan, La Union. It was created by former president Ferdinand Marcos by using Presidential Decree 1778 to combine a number of state-run schools in La Union into a single state college in 1981. Like Mariano Marcos State University in Ilocos Norte, it is named for the former president's father, Mariano Marcos.

Before 1993, DMMMSU occupied seven campuses throughout the province. After a reorganization that year, these campuses were grouped into three administrative units, simply called the North La Union Main Campus (DMMMSU-NLUC), the Mid La Union Campus (DMMMSU-MLUC), and the South La Union Campus (DMMMSU-SLUC). Each unit is headed by a chancellor, while the whole system is headed by the university president Atty. Benjamin P. Sapitula (fifth university president).

North La Union Campus[edit]

Main Campus, Bacnotan, La Union

The North La Union campus serves the seat of DMMMSU's central administration and was created in 1993 out of what were then the College of Agriculture and Forestry (CAF), Institute of Veterinary Medicine (IVM), Institute of Computer Studies (ICS), and Institute of Environmental Studies (IES). The College of Fisheries Balaoan was also absorbed into NLUC and was made the Fisheries Research and Training Institute (FRTI).

In 2002, the College of Agriculture and Forestry was split into the College of Agriculture and the Institute of Agroforestry and Watershed Management (IAWM). The latter was formed by bringing together the agroforestry and forestry programs of the CAF.

The Bacnotan Campus of NLUC hosts two national institutes: the Sericulture Research and Development Institute (SRDI) and the National Apiculture Research and Training and Development Institute (NARTDI).

Courses Offered[edit]

  • Level II Re-accredited
    • Agriculture
    • Office Management
    • Agribusiness Management
    • Agricultural Engineering
    • Agroforestry
    • Forestry
  • Level III
    • Elementary Teacher Education
    • Secondary Teacher Education
  • Level I Accredited
    • Environmental Science
    • Information Systems
    • Veterinary Medicine

Mid La Union Campus[edit]

La Union School of Arts and Trade was established in 1907 by D. Aran, an American, its founder and its first principal. It was one of the earliest vocational schools in the Philippines; it started as an intermediate school with only five teachers and 88 students. In 1917, Mr. Huncy, succeeded him until 1922. Secondary courses were then offered. The intermediate curriculum was eventually dropped in 1927 and, in 1928, the La Union Trade School was transferred to its present site and converted into the secondary level. It was the incumbency of the first Filipino principal, Catalino Calica, that the school turned out its first set of eight graduates. The school closed during the Second World War.

By virtue of R.A. 543 on 16 June 1950, the La Union Trade School was placed under the support of the national government. R.A. 801 was enacted on 21 June 1952 to convert the institution into a National Regional School of Arts and Trades known as the La Union School of Arts and Trades. Tranquilino de los Trinos was the first superintendent. In 1957, Apolinario Apilado took over as the second superintendent and, in 1957, Fermin Taruc became the third superintendent. Taruc's administration placed much emphasis in the improvement of the standard of instruction in all levels.

In 1975, Avelino Ascuncion assumed office as the fourth superintendent. The school served as a Regional Development Center for Practical Arts in Region I. The degree of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology was offered during the school year 1976-1977. The school accommodated the extension classes of UP Graduate School, Baguio City, for the degree of Master of Management. Likewise, the school was chosen by Engineering Equipment Inc. as its training center in northern Luzon where vocational graduates underwent further training in their fields.

On May 25, 1978, Hipolito Pacis took over as the fifth superintendent and this marked the greatest milestone for LUSAT. The school was integrated into the Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University on 15 January 1981 through P.D. 1778. Dr. Bienvenido Agpaoa became its first president. In 1989, Dr. Manuel Corpus was installed as the second president. In 1996, DMMMSU has been adjudged by the CHED (Commission on Higher Education) as number 7 among top universities and colleges (public and private) in the Philippines. Most graduates rated high in their respective board and licensure examinations. On 23 July 1999, Dr. Dionisio Gat Ducusin became the third president of the university. The Mid-La Union Campus has Dr. Rodolfo R. Apigo as its chancellor, assuming the position on 23 September 1999. With transformational leaders at the helm of DMMMSU and the MLUC in particular, the university is at the threshold of the new millennium upholding excellence in instruction, research, extension, and production for global competitiveness.

Dr. Ernesto R. Gapasin, former MLUC chancellor became the fourth president of the university.

Courses Offered[edit]

  • Level III Re-accredited
    • Graduate: Doctoral and Master’s (Tech. Ed.)
    • Graduate: Doctoral and Master’s (Dev. Adm.)
    • Industrial Technology
  • Level II Re-accredited
  • Level III Re-accredited Phase I
    • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
    • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
  • Level III Re-accredited Phase II
    • Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology
  • Level II Re-accredited
    • Bachelor of Science in Office Administration
    • Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration
    • Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management -- Assessment on-going to Qualify for Level III

South La Union Campus[edit]

DMMMSU-South La Union Campus (Agoo, La Union).
Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, (Marcos Sports Center)

The DMMMSU SLUC history starts in a lush background of mountains and blue sky. the DMMMSU College of Arts and Sciences stands as one of the most imposing and progressive educational institutions in La Union. It occupies a sprawling 15.5 hectare lot that extends almost to the foot of the mountains to the east. A number of modern buildings, from the vast library to the unfinished but steadily rising gymnasium, are silent testimonies that DMMMSU College of Art and Sciences will become a "Dream Campus."

In the mid-1940s an education-oriented citizen, Ramon Mabutas, came up with the idea of establishing a public high school. This idea must have impressed the late Mayor Miguel Fontanilia and members of the Municipal Council, for they soon organize a committee to lay the groundwork for the establishment of a public high school. The membership of this committee include such illustrious names as Dr. Manuel Cases, Atty. Bernardo Gapus, Atty. Mauro Ordoña, Atty. Telesforo Ofiana, Atty. Esperidion Ventura and Agaton Umanos. On July 23, 1945, the South Provincial High School official came into existence.

Courses Offered[edit]

  • Level IV Re-accredited
    • Elementary Teacher Education
    • Secondary Teacher Education
    • Graduate: Master’s (Language Teaching)
    • Graduate: Doctoral and Master’s (Sci. Ed./Math Ed.)
    • Graduate: Master’s (Teaching Music)
    • Graduate: Master’s (SPEd, Guid.& Coun. & Ed. Adm.)
  • Level III Accredited
    • Science (Biology)
    • Science (Psychology)
    • Science (Mathematics)
    • Computer Science

LeveL I Accredited

    • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    • Diploma in Midwifery

Courses Offered (Institute of Agriculture-Rosario)[edit]

  • Level I Accredited
    • Agriculture (Horticulture)
    • Agricultural Technology

Courses Offered (Institute of Fisheries- Sto. Tomas)[edit]

  • Level III Phase I Re-accredited
  • CHED-accredited Provincial Institute of Fisheries
    • Fisheries

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